The Slough Seaside*

*not actually in Slough. And there’s no sea.


If you’re interested, this is just under a 10 minute drive from Slough Town Centre, allowing for traffic. It’s called Clewer Memorial Recreation Ground on Dedworth Road, Windsor. Also known as Pirate Park because of the play pirate ships. As you can see, my kids blooming loved it like they had never seen sand before, rolling around in it, making sand angels, sliding down into in from the slide. We spend a good hour and a half here, and I had to drag Lily away crying. I’d say she wants to live here.

The car park is right next to it, and it’s free. It’s all enclosed, lovely family feel. All the kids there were from different schools but they played together like they were good friends. It’s amazing how children just mix so easily. There’s a cafe with loos. Clean. The sand is clean too.

We brought our buckets and spades, and my top tip is to bring a large bottle of water (I filled an empty squash bottle up) – so you can make the sand damp. Essential if you want to make sandcastles!

I can’t recommend this playground enough, it is absolutely brilliant. Gives you a taste of being at the seaside without shlepping all the way to the coast for 2 hours. The only thing is when you get home, there’s blinking sand everywhere. And why does it always get inside the nappy. I don’t know how you seaside mums manage cleaning up everyday!

Anyway, Clewer Memorial Recreation Ground. The address is Dedworth Rd, Windsor SL4 4JX – give it a visit, it’s brilliant.

Other nearby manmade beaches that I know of are:

Ruislip Lido, Reservoir Road, Ruislip, HA4 7TY
Maidenhead Beach at Norden Farm (opens 24/07/18), Altwood Rd SL6 4PF
Riverside Gardens and Play area, Ray Mead Road SL6 8NP
Ockwells Park (smaller sandpit area) Ockwells Road SL6 3AA

If you know of any other local playgrounds with sandpits, do let us know in the comments.

Sabrina x


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