What’s it like inside Rickshaw Road?

EDIT – Rickshaw Road is closed. Ever since this brand new restaurant opened in Slough late last year, I’ve always wondered what it’s like inside. It looks really trendy – something that is quite rare in Slough. The place only seems to be open in the afternoon/evenings, so when my mother-in-law came to stay over, I took that as an opportunity for me and the husband to go out!


By the time we did made it out, it was around 9.30pm and food had stopped being served. But we had some mocktails and finally got to admire the interiors and that infamous rickshaw. I took a million photos 😉


The mocktails they made looked like art – look at those pink flowers. As you can tell, I was pretty excited to be let out at night, a very rare thing!


It was table service, so we did not have to leave our seats. It all felt a bit special. There were a few groups finishing off their meals, and then it was just us two. The atmosphere was very nice – friendly staff, lively music and pretty things to look at.


At the back of the restaurant is a separated area that you can book for private parties. It is decorated really colourfully, and there are bright umbrellas on the ceiling, the tin roof. There’s very much a stylish Indian feel to it.


There is so much to look at, artwork on the walls, this bicycle quirkily hung on the side, even the teapots and crockery look cool.


Whoever did the interior design on this place did a top notch job, they’ve really brought some much needed trendiness to Slough. Thank you! Here’s hoping this leads to more places opening like this.

As we didn’t eat, I can’t tell you anything about the food, so we’ll have to return one day and try it out. This is very much an interiors blog post. But the mocktails we had were great, it’s a lovely place to have a date or have drinks with friends. I did see highchairs in there, so this leads me to presume it is family-friendly too.

Rickshaw Road (next to The Curve)
Address: 4-6 William Street,
Slough SL1 1XY

Open: Mon – Fri 12pm-3pm and 5pm-11pm,
Sat 12pm – 11.30pm, Sun 12pm-11pm

Have you been there before? What do you think of the interiors? And if you have eaten there, what’s the food like?!

Sabrina x

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2 responses to “What’s it like inside Rickshaw Road?

  1. I love your blog.. I have been there.. food is amazing. We had Hakka noodles and chole bhature.. it was so yumm and full of flavours. I would strongly recommend to try food. Also if you eat spicy or non spicy just let them know in advance so that they can prepare as per your tastebuds. I had spicy one and it was so good.

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    • Hi Bilquis, I’ve only just found your comment, it went into spam – so I’m sorry for this very late response! That is really good to hear about the food, thank you so much for the tip xx


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