Me and Mine | July 2018

I write this on the last day of July and it has been an absolutely fantastic month. We had this photo taken last week at the Paddington Covers mini festival, and it’s one of the reasons this month has been great. Mostly it has been because of the build up to Year 1 ending for Tyler, and then of course starting our adventures literally the day he broke up. We’ve had so much fun!

Me and Mine July 2018

What we have loved this month:

– School ending and a break from school runs.
– Being able to have days out with BOTH my kids.
– Making mini vlogs of our days out.
– The sunshine – maybe a bit TOO hot, but I have loved the sunny days and not having to lug about cardis and jackets, just slipping on shoes and not boots!
– Our bouncy castle day for Lily’s birthday
– Watching ‘Making a Model’ with Yolanda Hadid – my guilty pleasure. And Suits – it’s weird watching Princess Meghan!


  • Tyler & Lily getting bigger
  • Both of them getting more and more fiesty
  • Both of them running to me when I come home from work
  • Paddington festival
  • Picking strawberries at Copas PYO Farm
  • Finally booking our seaside holiday
  • The World Cup
  • Playing football on Saturdays again (even if it’s getting harder and hurting more)
  • Suits back on TV
  • Finally catching up with the 8 episodes of Billions on the Sky planner
  • Watching the cricket.


Tyler has loved drawing tube maps and more recently sitting at his new art table to draw them. Watching domino rallies and this little Scottish boy playing train simulator on YouTube. Playing hide and seek with Lily, school ending which means no bedtime! Watering the flowers in Nana’s garden.


Lily has loved watching Peppa Pig games on YouTube, pointing out colours and counting, running to Dada when he walks through the door. Colouring anything and anywhere and saying ‘Perfect’. And of course her Poppy doll which is looking more and more battered by the day.

I am looking forward to more family time in August when we go on our holiday. Hope you had a fab July!

Sabrina x

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