Slough Toddler Playgroup | Trinity Tots – Wednesdays

One of my most popular posts is the Baby Groups in Slough post that I wrote a couple of years ago. So I thought I would do a spotlight on each playgroup which will hopefully be useful to new parents who have just moved to the area. Or for anyone who’s been a bit nervous to try a playgroup, hopefully this will give you the reassurance that it is a fun, worthwhile activity.


This week I will share with you the Trinity Tots playgroup which runs at the Trinity Church in Slough every Wednesday during term-time from 10am – 11.30am, and it is for babies and toddlers up to pre-school age. The Trinity Church is on the junction of Windsor Road and Chalvey Road in Central Slough, just past the police station if you are coming from the High Street. Inside the church, the playgroup in a big open room with lots of light flooding in from the huge back window.


The room is set up with areas of different toys, chairs for parents to sit on, and there is a window where the friendly volunteers will serve you tea or coffee, with an amazing selection of homemade cakes and biscuits, as well as popcorn. A small fee of £1 is charged for the playgroup and this is purely to cover the cost of refreshments.



The playgroup has recently been revamped and is now run by local mum of triplets Bernie, who is fully qualified in childcare, having previously worked at a London school. At the end of playgroup she does a brilliant sing-song session, really getting the children involved, getting them to choose songs, using props and musical instruments. The kids love it!



The wonderful thing about playgroups is that you can make friends here easily. Slough is such a friendly place, there are no cliques, and if you are feeling lost and lonely due to motherhood – we all know it can be tough sometimes – come to this group and have a natter. Let it out, even if it’s the most mundane issue you are having! Eventually you’ll see the same mums and children each week, and the kids will get familiar with each other. It’s a community that I feel so happy to be part of.



The Trinity Tots playgroup is a nice size, not too big. There’s usually about 10 – 15 parents and children. This one is good for parents of twins or triplets, as it’s all in one room, it’s easier to keep an eye on the children. There is baby change available in the loos which are very clean, so if your tot needs an emergency nappy change, you don’t have to worry.



There are lots of new activities that have been introduced since Bernie took over, such as the playkitchen, the playdoh table, dress-up, the baby play area on foam flooring. This is in addition to the existing ride-ons, soft toys and dolly’s pushchairs, toy cars, dolls houses, play tents, play tunnels and children’s books.


My 2 year old Lily loves coming to this playgroup, especially because there are lots of Peppa toys. And for the popcorn, she LOVES popcorn!



If you are looking for a baby/toddler activity on a Wednesday morning in Central Slough, this one is for you. It is drop-in, no need to book, and you don’t have to come 10 on the dot, you can come a bit later if it suits you. But obviously if you come at 10am, that’s more playtime for your child. Anyway, maybe I’ll see you there one week!

Sabrina x

Trinity Tots @ Trinity Church
106 Windsor Road, Slough SL1 2JA
Wednesdays 10am – 11.30am (term-time only)
Cost: £1




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  4. Hi I am a new mum of a 4 month old and wondered if you would recommend trinity tots for his age and would you recommend the Friday play session you have talked about.

    I have found reading your blog helpful
    Thank you


    • HI Caroline, it’s definitely worth a visit as it’s great to meet other mums and chat. There’s a small baby area at both playgroups and you can lie baby down on the soft foam/carpet. I think there’s a baby bouncer at one of them, but i can’t remember. It’ll be more interesting for him once he’s sitting up, but that’ll be soon! Sabrina x


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