Me and Mine | October 2018

Hello, it’s the end of a month again! Which means it’s time to share our family photo. Now, we took this photo on our half term break in the Cotswolds. I had imagined a photo with the hills and the pretty buildings in the background – but in reality there’s nowhere to plonk your camera with the self-timer on facing the view! So although this looks like it could be Slough, I am telling you this is the Cotswolds!


On to what we loved this month:

– THE COTSWOLDS! Experiencing life in a cottage, living with beautiful surroundings and having so many things to take photos of! It was soooo nice, the life of an Instagrammer, how it could be!!!
– Spending time with my family on holiday and having lots of days out
– Discovering that I do like cleaning (woo, I mopped the floor at last!!)
– Watching Bake Off, Suits and The Apprentice on telly
– Getting back into interior decorating (starting with my parents’ house)

– Half term holiday adventures
– Having chats with Lily
– Tyler knowing EVERYTHING about trains (laughing crying face emoji)
– The leaves changing colour
– Playing football (football emoji)
– Watching football (smiling emoji)
– Watching Bake Off (cake, bread, donut emojis)
– Not watching X Factor

– School is so fun he says
– Being popular with the girls at school
– Lego club after school
– Our Winchcombe holiday
– Going to the sand playground after school, and legoland
– Going on the steam train on holiday, and swindon train museum
– Going on a Harrow bus (exciting!) I think it was an H12, I can’t remember exactly.
– School dinners – he’s liking different foods now – Mac n Cheese, pasta WITH tomato sauce, jacket potato with cheese, spaghetti bolognese. It’s a MIRACLE!!

– Playgroup
– Thomas the Tank Engine and friends – on TV and playing with toys, she suddenly knows all the characters names
– Nana’s house
– Train to Windsor
– Gingerbread Mans at Caffe Nero
– Commenting on everything she watches on TV
– “Mummy do it!’ to everything
– Blackcurrant squash, peanuts, popcorn, puffed hula hoops, Chupa chup lollipops, salt n vinegar kettle chips. Oh and chips.

Two more Me and Mines of the year to go – now that is scary.

Hope you had a great October too!

Sabrina x


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