Me and Mine | April 2019

April was such as amazing month, the weather was unbelievable, it felt like summer and it was lovely not to have to wear our coats – even though I wasn’t summer wardrobe ready! Shortlived as it was (coats are back on now), the timing was perfect it being the Easter holidays. We did so much that it felt like the summer holidays. I was exhausted by the end, and with Tyler’s constant questions I was quite ready for school to start again. But still I look back on the month fondly – happy memories, two of my close friends had babies, two bought houses and I am so happy for them. And we ended the month with my husband’s birthday – and we all love an excuse to celebrate, even if it is with burgers rather than dancing the night away!

We have a few family photos from April, this one is from when we discovered the local bluebell woods in our area (Cocksherd Bluebells Woods).


And these are from the Brooklands Museum, where we sat in a cockpit and I may have been excited to see a concorde.


What we loved in April 2019

Me: I loved the Easter holidays in April, the way it felt like summer. Having Tyler home and him coming on adventures with me and Lily rather than being in school. Taking funny photos on self-timer. The train adventures to Marlow, Henley and Windsor. Having G home for Easter weekend, and the day off he took on Thursday when we went to Brooklands Museum. We had so much fun this Easter break, without having to go on holiday! And of course catching up with friends over the holidays, going to Windsor Racecourse, Kew Gardens plus hanging out with my brother at the funfair.

G: Heatwave, daytrips, football in the sun, my birthday, Liverpool winning, Game of Thrones back, Billions, watching the first series of Man Like Mobeen, chatty Lily, geekboy Tyler.

T: The easter holidays, mornings in pjs and adventures in the afternoon, playgrounds and train trips, planning his tube station challenge for the summer holidays. The bus museum at Brooklands, he loved that soooo much. Playing Forza Horizon 4 on his uncle’s XBox – it’s a car game, and I think Tyler wants to drive in real life. And watching his fave bus youtuber ultradude973, dancing to his rave videos of Uxbridge bus routes!

L: Wearing her fave grey coat all the time, and her boots – even during the heatwave, strange girl. Lily loved having Tyler home, having her buddy to play with, going to playground with him. Going on so many bouncy castles over the Easter hols. Meeting ‘Chase’ from Paw Patrol at the Chloes Castle Inflatable Fun Day – which I’d say was the best day of her life! And Numberblocks on YouTube – she is constantly singing the songs and learning maths too.

Looking forward to May with it being Tyler birthday, his dance show and the end of the month and half term – woohoo!

What did you like most about April?

Sabrina x




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