Happy 7th Birthday Tyler

My darling boy Tyler turned 7 on Wednesday. Which means I have been a mum for 7 years now – crazy! He is growing up to be such a lovely boy, and we are excited for his adventures as a seven-year-old. I must admit, when I found out I was having a boy at that 20-week scan, I was nervous and cried a bit. I thought, oh my god, would a boy find me interesting, wouldn’t he find me boring as I don’t like football?? Yes I really thought that. So to have a boy like Tyler is such a blessing, he does like hanging out with me, I really enjoy his company, and he’s into transport and toys more than football! He’s an amazing big brother and he has so much love for his family. I took a little trip down memory on Instagram stories on the night before he turned seven. What we did each year on the days before his birthday – starting with the due date on Sunday 6th May 2012:


2013 – the day before Tyler turned ONE:


2014 – the day before Tyler turned TWO:


2015 – the day before Tyler turned THREE:Tyler-7-6

2016 – the day before Tyler turned FOUR (and my first day of NOT WORKING!):Tyler-7-7

2017 – the day before Tyler turned FIVE:Tyler-7-8

2018 – the day before Tyler turned SIX:
(That should say NEW YORK, not New Year – predictive text!!)


2019 – TYLER TURNS SEVEN! I didn’t take any photos of the day before he turned seven, as I spent the evening faffing about making a video of his year being Age 6 and making these Instagram stories! His birthday was a school day but it was still such a fun day. Unfortunately his daddy had to be away for work, but his aunty surprised him when she picked him up from school. There were lots of presents from family and friends, birthday wishes through social media, pizza, movies, playing with all the new toys and of course birthday cake! Lily exclaimed “This was the best birthday EVER” even though it was Tyler’s birthday. He was so happy, and he loved being seven, saying that he’s a rainbow now. I asked what did he mean? He said a rainbow is made of seven colours, so he’s a rainbow. Don’t you just love how children think?! So beautiful :)))


Happy 7th Birthday Tyler, I love you so so much, you’ve brought so much happiness into my life. Thank you for being you.

Love, Mummy xxx


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