Siblings Project | October 2019

What I love about doing these Siblings Projects posts is looking back over the past months and seeing what we did, the change in the seasons, and the fun they are having together. Mid-September was still sunny, and one weekend it was still T-shirt weather. We spent it at Maidenhead Riverside (or is it Taplow?) playing crazy golf and in the sandpit pretending we were at the beach. The kids are now totally obsessed with crazy golf ever since playing it in Newquay.


One Thursday after school, I surprised them with a trip to Legoland. We had a great late afternoon there, especially at the driving school with no queues.


They have been running and skipping to school/nursery in the mornings.


And there have been plenty of raining mornings too.


We had a Saturday at Chessington.


And they loved the Gruffalo ride.


This weekend we saw Abominable at the cinema and it was such a good film. Lily was really scared at first but it grew on her.


Gerrards Cross Mondays is our new regular thing after school – it really makes the week start great and Tyler looks forward to it. There are no back to school Monday blues here after a weekend. Lily’s fave part of our trips here is this ice cream machine, where she started off charging £5 for an ice cream, but now she’s put the price up to £8!


October, you have been rainy and wet, but it’s still been a fun month. Being at school/nursery hasn’t been that bad at all.

Sabrina x


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