A Tea Party with our Disney Plushies and shopDisney

AD – we have been gifted products from shopDisney
and all thoughts and opinions are my own.

The winter days have meant lots of cosy playdays lately. Weekends have been spent at Nana and Grandpa’s house and this weekend the kids and I had a pretend tea party with our shopDisney plushies. Well, I say tea party, but you know how my kids are big coffee shop fans, so they were serving up babycinos for their plushies.


Rex, the Toy Story aliens and Baby Pua are sat ready and waiting on our picnic blanket. Lily is particular protective of her little alien, feeding him his babycino with a spoon.


And Tyler with the other one. “They’re brothers you know!” Lily tells me, as Miss Expert on Disney characters. And she also told me the cute little piggie is Pua from Moana.


Pua comes swaddled in a blankie as she’s a Disney baby but they let her sit without her blankie for our tea party. And that’s giant Rex from Toy Story 4 next to her, waiting patiently for a sip.


I give Rex some tea, which Lily finds quite amusing. Such a soft and cuddly plushie, I love this one.


Tyler is very proud of himself for getting Pua to hold a cheese sandwich by herself, that he takes a photo of himself and Pua with the self-timer.


I think our plushies had a good tea party. Pua is back in her blankie ready for a nap after all that food.


The kids said that was so much fun having a tea party with their plushies in Nana’s kitchen. They also wanted to a photo with their new pjs, also gifted from shopDisney. Tyler is wearing a Spiderman set, which also has a co-ordinating little suitcase which you can see in the background of the tea party photos. And Lily is wearing the most cuddliest Minnie Mouse fleecy pjs in the sweetest peachy-pink colour. They are lovely, I am really impressed with the design and quality of these shopDisney pyjamas.


We’ll be having plenty more play parties with our plushies – I’m imagining slumberparties and baby discos and maybe even reading to them!

What imaginary games do your children play with their toys?

Sabrina x


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