Pink/Tube-Map Kitchen Makeover

This post is focusing on my pink kitchen makeover with a tube map twist. For a ‘before’ photo, have a look at my previous post. I have always been dreaming of a pink kitchen since I started working like twenty years ago. Why had I never done it? Well, after marrying Ganesh and realising we share a home, I felt it was unfair to make it too girly for him. Then I turned 40. And I thought sod it, I’m 40, it’s time to create my pink home. When I suggested the pink kettle and toaster, G looked horrified. But I did the pouty face and said that I’m 40 and I’ve NEVER had a pink kettle and toaster. (It’s true!!). And he went alright. And then… I just couldn’t stop buying more pink accessories – oops 😉


To be fair, it’s not a sickly pink girly kitchen. The pastel pinks are kinder to the eyes I think. And by putting New York subway wallpaper up, it had made the kitchen unique and relevant to our family being train enthusiasts. As well as the fact that since G and I went to New York for his fortieth last year and brought back Tyler a subway map, he is slightly obsessed with their subway.

The first of the pink things I bought were the kettle and toaster, and together they cost under £40 from Asda. I ordered them online and picked up with Click and Collect.


After seeing the pink kettle and toaster in my kitchen, I knew I HAD to get a pink microwave. And I found this gorgeous 800W one in Dunelm for £65. I ordered pink kitchen utensils from Amazon and the pink pot is from Poundland. And I’ve always wanted a pestle and mortar so I got one!


The New York Subway wallpaper was from eBay. I bought a roll for £5.99 as one of Tyler’s birthday presents, thought we’d do some crafting or something. And then one night it just came to me – how perfect it would be for the kitchen! I really love it, and the pink line ties it in with my pink accessories.


On the other side of the kitchen, I bought a pink Vileda cloth, and once I get through these yellow sponges, I will replace with pink ones of course. On the far side are two grey wire baskets I got from Poundland to hold bread, squash bottles, fruit and veg (that is not kept in the fridge). For £1 these look really stylish.


Other pink things I bought were two pink Cerastone frying pans from TK Maxx, and from Amazon/eBay I ordered a pink measuring jug, a pink over-the-sink colander, a pink pizza cutter, pink tea towels and a pink oven mitt.


Look at all this pink!


If you are interested, this is a list of where I got the products from:

Pink Kettle – Asda – £20
Pink Toaster – Asda – £18
Pink Microwave – Dunelm – £65
New York Subway Wallpaper – eBay – £5.99 a roll
Pink Teatowels – Amazon
Pink Oven Mitts – Amazon
Pink Frying Pans – TK Maxx
Pink Kitchen Utensils – Amazon
Pink Tin – Poundland
Pink Measuring Jug – eBay
Pink Pizza Cutter – eBay
Pink Over-the-Sink Colander – Amazon

Having a pink themed kitchen makes me so happy, I’m actually motivated to keep it clean. And cooking in those pink frying pans, I love it!

Sabrina x


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