Living Room Makeover – Before and After

I’ve been meaning to write this post for ages. After 5 years of living in our new-build apartment with its blank white walls, I finally painted them in an attempt to bring some personality to our home. It’s still not finished but I thought I’d show you some before and afters and where it is at the moment.


I spent months umming and erring on what colour to paint the living room wall, going from wanting a very subtle pinky-grey to a light grey. When Lily started Nursery in September, I had 2 hours free every weekday morning and I knew I had to take that opportunity to just do it. I drove to The Range and picked up Johnstones Moonlit Sky in washable matt – only because it was cheaper than Dulux. It came out darker than I expected, but actually I love it. And with it being washable, I can wipe off the kids mucky handprints easily. It took two coats.


I started by masking the skirting board and the edge of the ceiling and around the switches as I wanted it to be neat. Then I painted the edges before filling in the centre parts with a roller. With 2 hours every morning, this took me one week to do two coats.

I’ll show you the before and afters now.

LIVING ROOM SIDE WALL – BEFORE Living-Room-Makeover---before1








I am so happy with how it looks now, so much so that I am motivated to keep it tidy as well. It’s not quite finished, I still have to decide what photos to put in the empty frames, and I want new cushions for the sofa – the pink is just for now. I need to add some plants in and we need a floor lamp to go with the dining table.

I write some more posts talking about the makeover in detail, like how I decided on the gallery wall and the kitchen makeover and the search for pink accessories. (I wallpapered the kitchen with New York subway wallpaper that I bought from eBay). For now, this is a quick makeover post to show you what it looks like. Let me know what you think of it!

Sabrina x

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