Slough’s Brand New Playground | Upton Court Park

It’s not often that Slough gets a brand new playground, that I felt it deserved its own blog post. I mean, we’ve had to put up with broken swings, bird sh*t and unsightly graffiti at the existing playgrounds for the past 6 years – so to finally have a beautiful new one in our town is a BIG deal. And I mean it is beautiful, made of wooden natural materials and with a gorgeous backdrop of wildflowers and greenery at Upton Court Park, where you can actually see Windsor Castle in the distance.


Slough’s New Playground at Upton Court Park

These are the details for the new playground at Upton Court Park:

Address: Upton Court Park (east side near Ditton Park Academy), Upton Rd, Slough, Berkshire SL3 7LU

Parking: The free car park at Upton Court Park is about a 20 minute walk from the playground (that’s with little ones who obviously take longer to walk). I did see car parking on the residential roads nearer to the playground, such as Dashwood Close and Castleview Road. Please be considerate if you park there and don’t block the pavement or anyone’s driveway.

Toilets: No

Food: No. Bring your own picnic.

Pushchair-friendly: Yes

The playground is at the east corner of Upton Court Park, past the stream and wildflowers. It’s very open and is divided into a side for older children and a side for younger children.

The Playground – Younger Children

First I’ll talk about the playground for younger children. It is so cute, and the colours are bright and eye-catching, I just love the blue they used for the little roofs. There are two swings, a spinny round thing, slide, see-saw, kitchen, musical instruments, pirate boat and two springy things (I don’t know the names of these things – just look at my pictures lol)




My kids loved the musical drums and windchimes.


This was the first time Lily had been in a swing before lockdown – the happiness! Also, it was sooooo nice to push a clean swing, seriously!


The little kitchen is adorable. There’s a bell to ring and a clock where you can change the time and two ‘hobs’. I asked Lily to make me a cappucino, and gave me a pretend pizza instead. She loved playing in here.


This is the pirate boat with things to spin. Lily sailed us to an island.


The Playground – Older Children

On the other side, the playground is bigger with equipment for older children. There’s climbing frames and swings, spinny things and yeah… I’ll just share the photos.


This thing was so cool, I even had a go on it with the kids. That was fun.


Lots of climbing frames. A bit hard for Lily (age 4), but Tyler (age 8) enjoyed them.


This thing you hold on to the slide across to the other side. Mine did not want to try it, but the more adventurous kids would enjoy this.


Swings, everyone loves a swing.


How lovely does it all look?! There so much greenery surrounding it, and gorgeous wildflowers, that we sat down for a picnic also.

Now this is my plea for Slough residents, please let’s look after this playground and keep it looking beautiful. Please don’t litter or graffiti, keep an eye on your kids to make sure they are not either. We moan about things looking crap in Slough, but we finally have something we can be proud of, so let’s look after it.

We arrived at this playground around 10am and it was busy, then it got quiet, then busy again. I guess it’s your luck who is there when you visit, but I would say if you came early it’s more likely to be quiet. Make sure you social distance, although I know you can’t expect children to, and bring your hand sanitiser.

That’s it really, enjoy the new playground!

Sabrina x

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4 responses to “Slough’s Brand New Playground | Upton Court Park

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  2. Small babies playground should be fenced to stop dogs,
    Boys playing football throwing balls into the playground.
    Dangerous for babies walking when wild dogs running in and also this would stop babies running out when mothers have more than one child with them. I’ve experienced both whilst there with my granddaughter.
    It should be priority as the other old playground near car park is fenced


    • Sorry to hear this happened to you. I would suggested writing of your experience to the council, as I doubt they’ll see this comment here. Best wishes.


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