11 Family Lockdown Walks Around Slough

Where in Slough is nice to go for a family walk during lockdown? I’ve been meaning to write a blog post about this for a while, and when Instagram Guides launched, it really motivated me to pull it together. Well here are 11, some are just outside of Slough. Wrap up warm, wear wellies and waterproofs if the weather’s rainy, and enjoy the outdoors with members of your household! Do avoid walking on your own or in the dark – be safe.

1) Herschel Park

Starting off with our Slough parks, Herschel Park is the most beautiful one in Slough and very close to the town centre. Lots of different trees, and a small nature reserve at the back. It’s not too big, so a very toddler-friendly walk, and there’s a lake in the middle where you can see ducks. You can do the Tree Trail too.

Address: Entrances from Upton Close, Upton Road or Datchet Road through the Nature Reserve. Small free car park off Datchet Road SL3 7NR

2) Upton Court Park

I think this is the biggest park in Slough and it’s mostly open, though there is a small woodland bit towards the back. This is a longer walk, little legs can get tired, but it is lovely and you can see Windsor Castle in the distance. The new playground is here too.

Address: Upton Rd, Slough SL3 7LU. Free car park.

Upton Court Park, Slough, Berkshire

3) Kennedy Park

This is a small hillside walk and at the top of the hill you will see lovely views of the trading estate and Britwell. In the late spring you’ll see a field of poppies, and in the winter it’s just a nice walk. There are some tree stumps to make it interesting for younger ones, though be careful as there is sometimes broken glass there. Mostly the little ones love to run down the hill.

Address: Long Furlong Dr, Slough SL2 2PQ. Small free car park.

Kennedy Park, Britwell, Slough, Berkshire

4) Baylis Park

A very pretty park with some historical features, wrought iron gates and a pretty rose garden, but this park does attract the weirdos, as most people in Slough will tell you. There is a lake with ducks that children like to see. It is a lovely park, just be alert when you are here.

Address: You can access the park from the Stoke Poges Lane, Woodland Avenue (through the tunnel from Salt Hill Park), Oatlands Drive, Whitby Road, Godolphin Road, Belfast Avenue and Pool Lane. No car park.

5) Haymill Valley Nature Reserve

A hidden gem in Slough is this nature reserve in Britwell. You can totally forget you are near civilisation here. Walk through reeds, find the kingfisher sculpture and watch the trains. There’s also a little stream running through the reserve, and a playground at one end.

Address: Whittaker Road \ Marescroft Road \ Littlebrook Road, Slough, Berkshire SL2 2NN. Free on-street parking along Littlebrook Road (except between 10-11am on weekdays as it is permit parking in that hour).

Haymill Valley Nature Reserve, Slough, Berkshire

6) Black Park

One of the most popular parks just outside of Slough, I’d almost go as far as to say it’s a tourist destination. It’s beautiful here, you can go for a very long walk through the woods or a shorter one just around the lake. There is the Emma Sallis playground and you can get takeaway drinks from the cafe as it’s outdoors. Be warned, it gets very busy at weekends.

Address: Black Park Country Park, Black Park Road, Wexham SL3 6DS. Parking fee in winter months: 2 hours – £2.70, 4 hours – £3.50 off peak, over 4 hours – £4.50

7) Burnham Beeches

Another beautiful woodland walk, this one has a Sensory Trail that is a toddler-friendly walk. You can choose to do a longer walk though, as there is more to explore and a lovely lake with lilypads. You can get takeaway drinks from the outdoor cafe.

Address: Burnham Beeches, Lord Mayors Drive, Farnham Common, Slough, Bucks SL2 3PS. The car park is on Lord Mayors Drive, open until 9pm. Parking is FREE on weekdays. If you visit on weekends or bank holidays it costs £3 per vehicle, cash only at the machine.


8) Langley Country Park

This country park is just opposite Black Park and it’s beautiful. Much more open, although Temple Gardens has some narrow paths. In May you’ll see beautiful rhododendron in bloom, and in winter this place is just lovely for long walks in the outdoors. There is a Timberland Tree Trail that you could do, and there is also a playground and cafe serving takeaway drinks.

Address: Langley Park Country Park, Billet Lane, Iver SL0 0LS. Parking fees in winter months: 3 hours – £2.70, over 3 hours – £3.50

9) Baths Island, Windsor

You can walk anywhere in Windsor and it’s beautiful but if you want to avoid the crowds, Baths Island is the place to walk. It’s a nice short riverside walk suitable for little legs. You can do a circular route around the island and afterwards get a takeaway drink from the ice cream stall opposite it. Really lovely views from the island.

Address: off Stovell Road, Windsor, Berkshire SL4 5JB – by Windsor Leisure Centre. The car park is by Windsor Leisure Centre on Stovell Road SL4 5JB. It costs £1.80 for 2 hours and the machine takes cash and card. Charges apply Mon – Sun including bank holidays 9am – 9pm.


10) Gerrards Cross Common

Just over a 10 min drive from Slough is posh Gerrards Cross and there is a lovely woodland walk you can do in the common. There are two to choose from, either the East or the West Common. The west side has a pond with ducks. The east has a playground. We’ve never got lost in the woods as all the paths seem to lead to the same place and it’s not too big. The trees are magical, you feel like you are in a scene from the movie Frozen.

Address: West Common or East Common, Gerrards Cross, South Bucks SL9 7QN. 1 hour free on-street parking.

11) Ray Mill Island

Saving the best for last – Ray Mill Island is absolutely beautiful. About a 15 min drive from Slough, this island has waterside walks, an aviary, a weir, wooden sculptures and an outdoor cafe – takeaway only – with a micro playground. There’s are bridges to walk over, and just at the entrance to the island is a lock. Though presumably not many canal boats at the mo. This is a lovely place to walk as a family and suitable for little legs as it’s not too big. Please note if the water levels get too high, they will close entry for safety reasons.

Address: Boulters Lock, Ray Mead Rd, Maidenhead, Berkshire SL6 8PE. The car park is called Boulters Lock Car Park and the address is 7-15 Lower Cookham Rd, Maidenhead SL6 8JN. It costs £1 for 3 hours parking.

Ray Mill Island, Taplow, Maidenhead, Berkshire

I hope you found this guide useful. If you do find any other local places that are nice to go for a walk in, do let us know.

Sabrina x

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