A Tale of Two Woods: Langley Country Park & Black Park

Slough - It's not so bad - The Mummy StylistThis week we discovered not one, but two woodlands right on our doorstep! We had always noticed cars parking along the Uxbridge Road on the way back home and people disappearing into the bushes (sounds dodgy I know!) Well I did a bit of investigating (ie google), and discovered it was in fact Black Park and Langley Country Park that these people were going to, just under a 10 minute drive from Slough, so we had a look.

Langley Country Park

First I’ll tell you about Langley Country Park which is on Billet Lane in Iver – it is beautiful! It’s a huge park that goes on for miles. As you enter the park from the car park, there is a floral garden called Temple Gardens that has signs for a ‘Timberland Trail’ which we followed. The trail takes you through the park surrounded by huge trees and horses, leading on to a giant lake by a manor house.

DSC01008 DSC01031

You really feel like you are in the countryside, it is so peaceful and picturesque. We saw many families walking, having picnics and so many dogs being walked. It’s a lovely atmosphere, with everyone greeting you as you walk by! There’s a cafe for lunch or snacks, a picnic table area and a playground. We ended our walk by visiting ‘The Arboretum’, which is a fenced on secluded area. Here you feel as though you have the park all to yourself. We found a tree to put our camera on self-timer and took some rare photos of the 3 of us!



Black Park

The second park is on Black Park Road in Wexham. It’s more of a giant woodland of pine trees – black pine which gives the park it’s name. And I guess explains nearby Pinewood Studios. This is more of a muddy, natural trek than Langley Park, so wellies are a must. There are dog-walkers galore here, and Go Ape is sitauted here, so you’ll see groups of adventurers. There’s a small outdoor cafe at the entrance, and further on there is a children’s playground and a larger cafe with a lake. Again it’s very picturesque and peaceful, lovely views – we’ll be back here too!


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34 responses to “A Tale of Two Woods: Langley Country Park & Black Park

  1. Oh looks like you have some stunning parks near you and that you made the most of the good weather. Love these pictures, they’re awesome! I think my favourite has to be the bridge photo. Thanks so much for linking up xxx


    • Thank you! I love the sun being out, makes us discover the outdoors again. I couldn’t choose one photo, the views are so lovely 🙂 I love the bridge photo too, cool reflection in the water. Been trying to teach hubby how to take good photos so I can be in them too. Getting there! Xx

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Love how you have put the photos together as a slideshow like that! Stunning surroundings x #MyCapturedMoment


    • Wow really, I had no idea! Can’t believe we’ve only just discovered this place, will definitely look out for the butterflies this summer. Thanks!


    • Yes they are both perfect for picnics in this lovely weather we’re having. If you’re ever in the Berkshire area, I definitely recommend them! xx


    • Haha, yes we thought it was a bit strange, seriously, so many cars parked up by the bushes. It’s amazing what you find on your doorstep, you just never know! xx


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  4. Popping over from #homecountiesdaysout

    My partner works at Black Park so we’re frequent visitors. The playground there is really great.

    My favourite park has to be Langley though. It’s so pretty and tranquil. We were last there over Easter and had a really nice family walk.


    • Wow it must be nice to work there! I can’t believe we’ve only just discovered these places, I love them. I’m with you on Langley Park, definitely preferred it and less muddy too haha!


  5. Love your photos – Black Park and Langley Park are very local for us too and we love them, especially Langley Park. Such lovely places to go for a walk and the playgrounds are great for the little ones #homecountiesdayout 🙂


  6. Thanks for sharing your visits to the parks. Both quite different but really nice destinations. We’ve only been to Black Park the once but your post has encouraged me to check out Langley Park too. Thanks for linking up with #HomeCountiesDaysOut


    • Thank you, yes they are quite different, Black Park is more muddy and Langley Park is floral with proper paths, so you won’t need your wellies. Definitely recommend a visit! x


  7. Great pics and what brilliant places to have on your doorstep! Love the look of the playground, I know a certain little boy who would love to have a play on there 🙂 Thanks for linking up to #LoveWhereILive xx


    • Oh yes it’s lovely there, like you’re really in the woodlands. I can’t believe how close they both are to Slough! The playground is great, we had a good time there 🙂 xx


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