LEGO® Future Builders – International Women’s Day 2021

AD | Lily and I were absolutely honoured to be part of the LEGO® International Women’s Day campaign for 2021.

LEGO Future Builders International Womens Day 2021 Lily The Mummy Stylist

When I look at Lily, I want her to know that she can go far. She can do any job she wants to when she grows up, nothing should stop her. This girl knows her mind at such a young age. No to dresses and bows in her hair – she decides what to wear! And her imagination is incredible.

“They’re not just playing with LEGO® bricks, they’re showing their creativity. Fast forward a few years and they’ll be running the world. We are joining forces with UN Women, rebuilding the LEGO Group into a more equal and inclusive workplace that will be ready and waiting.”


I love listening to Lily’s stories as she plays, and she loves to create stories with LEGO people. Her favourite colour is “rainbow”, so she built a rainbow house and made a magic beanstalk made of flowers. In the horse’s food box, there is hay and a hidden poisonous leaf that the horse mustn’t eat!

LEGO Future Builders International Womens Day 2021 Lily The Mummy Stylist

The photo we have created is a modern day version of the famous 1981 LEGO advert. It tugs on my heartstrings because I was the little girl at home building a LEGO house in that decade.

1981 LEGO Vintage Ad - International Womens Day 2021

Now, 40 years later, my daughter is in her very own LEGO advert. Can you believe it?! This has been a dream come true, and I still cannot believe the LEGO Group directly contacted me to work on this global campaign with them. Lily is pictured alongside girls from the US and Germany, it’s truly incredible to empower girls across the world. And to me, it means so much for girls to see someone who looks like them on their screens, which I sadly did not see growing up. Here is Lily, cover girl on the LEGO Instagram page – a true acknowledgment from a huge brand that you are beautiful, no matter what your skin tone is.

You can make your own version of this poster with your child too. Help the LEGO Group celebrate International Women’s day and today’s young women on their journey to becoming the decision makers, role models and changemakers of the future. Have a go with their online tool at

LEGO Future Builders International Womens Day 2021 Lily The Mummy Stylist Website

Let’s show our daughters that the world is theirs and they can do anything.

Sabrina x

*Paid partnership with the LEGO Group


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