What to write in a Christmas card for a niece or nephew?

Christmas is coming up and you’re wondering what to write in a nice niece or nephew Christmas card. Well, I’m here to help. Whether you’ve got a fairly small family, or a huge one, putting together a great card for your family this season should be as easygoing as a winter breeze. Though hopefully not as cold. A thoughtful message in a Christmas card should be like a warming hot chocolate ideally. If you’re looking for wonderful winter designs, there’s plenty to choose from on Boomf (click to visit). Got that sorted already? Let’s get started!

How to write the perfect message to your niece or nephew this Christmas

If you want to do something really special it might be worth taking a little bit more time to create a personalised card. You’ll have to assemble the message yourself – but it’s worth it, and can be a thoughtful and unique way of celebrating the festive season. Also, you can add your own cute pic to the front, if you like. Here are some tips for what to write as the message.

Keep it simple! I don’t know how close you are with your niece or nephew – you might only see them a couple of times a year or you might be best mates, but the best message is one that is honest, thoughtful and doesn’t overstay its welcome. This is especially handy if you’ve got many cards to write. Here’s some examples:

  • Happy Christmas to a wonderful niece/nephew!
  • Wishing you a magical Christmas, and all the best in the New Year!
  • Merry Christmas to a lovely niece/nephew!
  • Have a great Christmas, from your favourite Aunty/Uncle!

That last one’s a little cheeky, but what’s Christmas without a bit of familial banter?

What design should I choose for the front of a Christmas card to my niece or nephew?

This really depends on the age of your niece or nephew. If they’re a youngster, something like a cute snowman or a little robin might be your best bet. If they’re older, something refined and charming, and of course, it has to have a festive theme. 

I hope that you’ve got everything you need to make the perfect niece/nephew Christmas card! All that’s left for me to say is – Happy Christmas!

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