Pregnancy Update Week 19 – 20 | Baby No. 2

Well I’m officially halfway through this pregnancy – hooray! Another 4 and a half months to go. These past two weeks, the baby’s movements have been getting strong, I’m feeling him/her move very very frequently. It’s so funny, I was looking at my Week 19 journal entry from when I was pregnant with Tyler, and at this exact week I thought I was having indigestion when in fact I now know that was Tyler moving!


It was my birthday at 19 weeks when I had my haircut, the most relaxing thing. It really is worth having a little pampering done at this stage of pregnancy. I painted my nails at the weekend too.

I’ve been looking at maternity dresses as I’m running out of different things to wear – I only seem to be wearing the same 3 outfits these days, and I’m living in leggings.

I haven’t had any particular cravings, although I’m loving olives, creamy pasta, fruit juice – nothing new there. Oh there was my random craving for a cream tea this morning, so I got scones and clotted cream from M&S.

My lower back still hurts, so I’m trying not to lift Tyler so much – luckily my husband and family are helping with looking after Tyler. My gums are bleeding more now, which is normal in pregnancy, but I guess I should go see the dentist, ugh.

I suppose the big change this week is that Tyler finally understands there’s a baby coming, and he’s not happy about it – but that’s another blog post on it’s own!

week 20

According to my Babycentre app, the baby was the size of an heirloom tomato at 19 weeks and a banana at 20 weeks. He or she is swallowing more and is starting to produce meconium (that will be baby’s first poo!)

I had a bit of a wobble on one of my tube journeys into work last week, it just made me feel nauseous. The man sitting next to me was chewing gum and the smell made me want to throw up. I really can’t wait to stop working so I don’t have to do this commute anymore.

I have my anomaly scan next week. It’s usually at 20 weeks, but the earliest they could book me in for was at 21 weeks. I have been waiting so long for this scan, as we are hoping to find out the gender! Boy or girl – what do you think?

Sabrina x

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10 responses to “Pregnancy Update Week 19 – 20 | Baby No. 2

  1. oooh how exciting, cant wait to hear what you’re having! I cant wait to finish at work too for the same reasons, the commute is exhausting! Glad to hear you are doing pretty well otherwise, not too long for us to go now 🙂 Thanks for linking up to #MarvMondays. Emily


    • We’re very excited! Ahh I feel a bit relieved you feel the same about commuting, it’s not just me! Really is countdown time now, I’m crossing the days off my calendar! x


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