Monster Truck, Monster Hair!

Here is Saturday’s outfit for a rainy morning/sunny afternoon – it’s a Monster Truck long-sleeve tee from Debenhams, which is perfect as the boy loves monster trucks and I love the velvet wheels – gives it a bit of sparkle. Matches his monster hair – he is terrified of getting his hair cut, so it is just growing and growing!

truck-tee copy

By the way, he is watching his Thomas train go along the floor – that’s the reason for the spaced-out expression 😛

Top: Blue Zoo, Debenhams – £7
Jeans : M&S Outlet – £4
Socks: M&S (5-pack) – £6


13 responses to “Monster Truck, Monster Hair!

  1. His hair looks amazing!! He suits it long! I know quite a few kids who really hate getting their hair cut. I remember hating it when I was younger too! That tee is lovely. I love the print and the striped sleeves. It’s a fab contrast. His jeans look lovely and comfy. Great outfit! Thanks for linking up with us and hope you have a good weekend 🙂 xx #weekendbabystyle


    • Ahh thank you! He gets so sweaty with all the hair, so me and my hubby tag-teamed yesterday and cut his hair ourselves last night!
      Yeah I love the contrasting sleeves too 🙂 Have a great Sunday xx


  2. Gosh, he’s gorgeous! I’d say it’s the ‘models-staring-into-the-distance’ pose rather than a spaced out look 😉 #mummymondays


  3. His hair and top are fab! My little one hates having his hair cut but it gets uncontrollable so we just have to do it! Have a fab childrens hairdressers not far away and they are fab with him 🙂 Love his spaced out look…Thomas has that effect! Thanks so much for linking up with #twinklytuesday


    • Thank you, that’s great you have a good hairdresser, they are hard to find! We ended up cutting it ourselves that night, it was toooo long and boy he screamed! And yes, Thomas – gotta love him 😉 xx

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