6 Steps to Decorate a Christmas Tree – the Woolies Way

Christmas – my favourite time of year. Always has been, so imagine my excitement when I got my dream job in the Christmas department at Woolworths Head Office after uni. Woolworths and Christmas just went hand in hand, didn’t they?! I was a Merchandise Assistant, mostly doing boring things like inputting barcodes into the system.

But one day I got an exciting job, to dress all the Christmas Trees in the Directors’ offices. Each office had an artificial tree to set up, tree decs, fairy lights and a star. I had 6 to do in an afternoon. The Christmas Tree buyer showed me the official Woolies technique on how to dress an artificial Christmas tree. So 14 years later, I thought I’d share with you my secrets 😉

6 steps to decorate a christmas tree

Step 1: Putting the tree together
Once you’ve taken the tree parts out of the box and put it together, you’ll need to fluff out all the branches. Start from the bottom up. The trick is to move the branches 1 up and 2 down so that all gaps are covered. Then you curl each branch slightly upwards for a natural look.

Xmas Tree

Step 2: Put the fairy lights on
Next you put the fairy lights on, starting at the top and making a zig zag pattern. This makes it easy to remove when the festive season is over.

Xmas Tree

Step 3: Put the smaller baubles on
Put your smaller, plain baubles on first, toward the back of the branches, to fill in the gaps.

Xmas Tree

Step 4: Put any decorative ribbon on
Drape any decorative ribbon across, but do NOT use tinsel if you want your tree to look stylish.

Xmas Tree

Step 5: Put your pretty bauble ons
Now for the fun bit, putting all the pretty baubles on. This is where kids can get involved – Tyler really enjoyed this. Try to space the colours out, so not too many of the same on one section. If you tree is facing a wall, you do not need to decorate the part facing the wall.

Xmas Tree

Step 6: Put your star on
Always a bit tricky putting the star on. The branch at the top is usually longer, so bunch it up and push the star onto it. Curl the surrounding branches around it.

Xmas Tree

And hey presto, we have a beautiful tree 🙂

Xmas Tree

DSC02914_1 DSC02917_1 DSC02919_1

Xmas Tree

So there you have it, how to dress an artificial Christmas tree – the Woolies way. Please pass it on to your friends, family, children, grandchildren. Woolworths might not exist any more, but we can keep the traditions alive! 😀

Sabrina x

Home Etc

13 responses to “6 Steps to Decorate a Christmas Tree – the Woolies Way

  1. You are a styling GENIUS!!!! I am so bad at decorating our tree that I gladly hand over the responsibility to my five year old. I could be reclaiming the job this year, thanks to you x

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  2. Oh this is brilliant, I used to love Woolies and our first Christmas was an artificially one from Woolies. I used to always decorate the tree at work too, it was such a responsibility. Thank you for sharing these secrets xx

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  3. Ahhh Woolies! Those were the days. My Hubby worked there and his eye light up when he remembers it! LOL! Great tree and so pretty and I will be using these tips on Sunday when it’s our turn! 🙂 BIG thanks for linking up again lovely! Much appreciated 🙂 Jess xx


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    • Those were the days! That’s so cool your hubby worked there. I’m sure everyone in the country knows someone who worked there! Hope you have fun doing your tree xx


  4. Aaah NOW it all makes sense!!!!! I blooming LOVE your tree Sabrina!! It reminds me of the one we had when I was a child. We always have a real tree — but there’s a special place in my heart for these artificial ones!! 🙂 Thanks for linking up with us pet — I always love your posts! 🙂 #HomeEtc

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    • Haha yes now it must make sense! Ahh thanks a lot, I’m quite pleased with how it looks, especially as it’s a cheapo B&M one! Real trees are so lovely, but I think I’ll always have an artificial one – brainwashed by Woolies! Have fun decorating your tree xx


    • Glad you agree with the tinsel, it looks quite 80s I think! Beads are lovely, and there’s loads of lovely ribbons around on the high street. Hope you find some 🙂 xx


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