Tyler’s Toddler Style #9: Comfy Trousers

I thought it’s time to do some toddler style posts again. It’s been a while as I usually like to take these photos outdoors, but hey it’ll have to be indoors for now. Here is Tyler wearing his top from Next and new cargo trousers from George at Asda.


The top I actually got in November and he’s pretty much worn it everyday it’s so comfy! Tyler loves the fire engine print on it, and the blue and white stripes just bring out the colour. It really soft and fleecy inside, but not too heavy.

The other day my husband was just saying he misses the days when Tyler wore colourful trousers, they were so cute. Ever since he’s been potty trained, I’ve been putting him in jogging bottoms as they are easy to pull up and down. But they’re very casual looking.

Then by coincidence, my mum bought these cargo trousers from George at Asda and they have a soft ribbed waist that is easy to pull up and down, plus they fit him perfectly!


I love the pocket detail on it, they look so smart on him and go with pretty much any top. My husband and I are going to do an Asda shop and get him more trousers from there, especially as all his old trousers are getting too short on him.


Here’s a close-up of the top:


Fire Engine Top, Age 3-4 : Next, £9
Blue Cargo Trousers, Age 3-4 : George @ Asda, £7

If you’ve got any tips on where to buy easy pull-up trousers for 3-year-old boys, do let me know!

Sabrina x


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