Looking back at 2015

Wow it’s here – the last day of 2015. And here is our last family photo of the year. We took this using the self-timer whilst going to a walk in Black Park on Boxing Day.

Dec 2015

Tyler is looking so much more like a boy now than a little toddler – growing up! I’m so proud of what he’s achieved this year, he’s a much more sociable boy than he used to be, and he enjoys pre-school and playing with other children. His speech is amazing, in between the Minions/train-babble, there’s real sentences and questions there! And he is potty-trained for both day and night, and learnt it in just 2 weeks (I still have to write up a blog post about this!)

Tomorrow my blog will be 1 year old. It was this time last year that I made a new year’s resolution to start a blog about my upcycling projects and Tyler’s outfits. I had already started a blog about Woolworths but that wasn’t about me, and I didn’t want people to think that’s all there was to me (as was happening at my work – the amount of jokes!)

So The Mummy Stylist was born, and I have loved writing the blog posts for it. I want to thank all my readers for supporting me and reading my posts, you’re all amazing!  Thanks to this blog, I’ve been able to work with some awesome brands. I also got recognised for it at work, and now write blog posts for my company Union Insurance (plus all the sister brands!) The end of the year has been great, to get in the TOTs Top 500, and the HIBs Top 100, and to be chosen to be a Big Jigs vlogger in the new year – I’m looking forward to where my blog is heading in 2016.

In our personal life, we have had sadness very recently. Tyler’s Great Granddad (my husband’s grandfather) had been diagnosed with prostate cancer. He had been suffering this year, and this October he had a fall. His health really went downhill from there. We have had family travel from very far to help my mother-in-law look after him, but he passed away just this Tuesday evening.

Tyler was close to his Great Granddad. He used to help his grandma make hot chocolate for him, really enjoying stirring the pan, ever since he was 1 years old. He’d bring a spoon over for him, and he’d carry a can of Fanta over to him. He loved to help him. Whenever we visited, he would sit next to him and watch Peppa Pig. His Great Granddad knew all the Sky channels for Tyler – 615, 620 and 630. Now Tyler thinks his Great Granddad is in the hospital. I’m not sure how to explain to him or if he will understand that he is not here anymore. What people are saying though is that when one life goes, another one comes, and it is true as we are expecting a baby in June 2016. This is the circle of life.

With this in mind, what I’d like to say is cherish your loved ones, young and old, take loads of photos, videos and live your life, enjoy it. Have a wonderful New Year’s Eve and I hope 2016 bring wonderful experiences for you all.

Sabrina and Tyler x



2 responses to “Looking back at 2015

  1. Ah I’m so sorry to hear about Tyler’s Great Grandad, makes you realise how precious life is doesn’t it. Happy New Year to you all, hopefully we’ll get to hang out again in 2016! xx


    • Thank you Elaine, it’s life isn’t it, got to make the most of it. Yes definitely up for another meet up when the sun is back 🙂 Happy New Year to you and your family too! Xx


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