Tyler’s Outfit of the Week #7 | Peacocks

Last week I had a look in Peacocks while I was wandering around the shops in Uxbridge. That was the day I found my favourite new flamingo pyjama bottoms. Well, I also found this gorgeous new hoodie for Tyler, it’s so soft and a lovely shade of blue, plus it was only £6!


I was so happy to have found it because Tyler had the exact same version of it in yellow back in 2013 when he was about 15 months. It was my favourite hoodie on him and I was gutted when he grew out of it. So I am so happy to have found the same hoodie 3 years later, and blue suits him now that he’s a bit older.

Tyler at 15 months – 2013


Now back to the present, he’s been wearing this hoodie everyday since I got it. I think it’s perfect for the current weather where it’s cold one minute and then hot hot hot the next. You can easily take it off and it’s less bulky to carry around than a coat.


These photos are from our day out in Newbury earlier this week, where it was indeed burning hot at lunchtime and then suddenly cold and grey half an hour later! If you fancy reading about things to do in Newbury, I wrote this last year.


What I like about this hoodie, apart from how soft and fleecy it is inside and the bright colour, is it’s chunky zip. It’s so easy to zip up, usually they are so fiddly, but this one is great!


The pockets are good for little toys, Tyler’s always carrying around a toy car or train.


Here’s how it looks with the hood up, for when it’s a bit breezy outside.


I got this hoodie in Age 5, as that’s how Peacocks label age 4-5. So be aware of that if you are buying kids clothes from there, choose the older age. This hoodie is available from Age 2 to Age 6.

Hoodie: Peacocks – £6
Trousers: H&M (2015) – £4
Shoes: Sketchers from TK Maxx – £16.99

Sabrina x

This Mama LifeFKF

8 responses to “Tyler’s Outfit of the Week #7 | Peacocks

  1. Thats a great jacket, its always a great feeling when you really like an item of clothing which you can buy again and again in biggers sizes as your child grows. Thank you for the size tip, it always confuses me and sometimes end up buying the wrong size. Thank you for sharing #WeekendTotStyle


    • I was so happy to find it! Oh yes the sizing was confusing, I picked up age 4 at first and it looked tiny, so then I looked at the height measurement on the label and figured it out! X


  2. What lovely bright colours! I do love a good pop of colour and hoodies are perfect for this strange weather we’re having! How CUTE is that vintage photo of Tyler – what an adorable little chap! Hope you’ve had a great weekend and thanks for linking up lovey 🙂 #weekendtotstyle


  3. Aww he looks so comfy! Love the colour too 🙂 That yellow hoody is also pretty gorgeous 🙂

    Thanks for linking up to #FunkyKidFriday xx


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