Treating Cradle Cap with Colief Baby Scalp Oil

Honey Nut has had cradle cap since she was born. If you’re wondering what cradle cap it, it’s that waxy, scaley stuff on a baby’s scalp that some babies are born with. It’s harmless and it’s something to do with excess oil being produced or something like that. It’s brown or yellow in colour and looks really gross if you can see it.


In Honey Nut’s case, when I showed it to the health visitors or my mum, they couldn’t really see it, as it was the same colour as her scalp. See in the photo above. it’s that brown, waxy stuff at the roots, and when I picked at it, it turned into yellow, flaky bits like dandruff.

The health visitor said that it’s a really mild case and it would have come off naturally but as she has so much hair, it’s stuck on the scalp. She said it will come off eventually, just to leave it. That was when she was 2 months old.

Well it didn’t come off, and I couldn’t help but pick at it whenever I fed her. I know, gross, but it was really addictive. At 4 months, I asked the health visitor again about it. She said to put some olive oil on it and use a baby brush to brush it off. I tried this and it didn’t work, it just made her hair really greasy.

I asked Colief if I could try their Baby Scalp Oil to see if that would get rid of it. So they kindly sent me a sample.


It’s a dinky 30ml bottle, and when I opened and sniffed it, it smelled pleasantly of natural oils. The oil is made of Rosehip Oil, Chamomile and Vitamin E.

I lay Honey Nut down on a towel and put some of the oil on my fingers before rubbing on to her scalp.


I let the oil soak in for about 5 minutes and then tried to brush the cradle cap off with a baby brush, but the bristles were so soft that it did not grip anything. I then tried it a baby comb and combed through her hair, and amazing all the cradle cap was coming off. It looks so disgusting that I’ll spare you a photo! Basically it looks like loads of brown dandruff coming off, and it stuck on to the comb. It was really waxy stuff, and I’m glad I laid Honey Nut on a towel as it was flaking off all over the place.

I then gave a her a bath to wash the oil and flakes off. I used baby shampoo, which is quite mild. Most of the cradle cap came off and I could see my baby’s scalp for the first time since she was born – she had a white scalp all the time, I just never knew, WOW! I was so so happy. The only thing was her hair looked quite greasy now, as the oil does not come off after the first wash. After I gave her a bath a second time later in the week, then the oil washed off, so I would say it takes a couple of washes to get the oil out of the hair.

I did the treatment again the following week to get the remaining cradle cap off, and guess what – it’s all gone! This Colief Baby Scalp Oil has done the trick, woohoo!

The other thing that has happened it that Honey Nut’s hair and gone soft and floppy. You know how it seemed to stick up, but it turns out that the cradle cap was making it stick up! Now her hair is soft and falls over her eyes, so I have started to use headbands.


If your baby has got cradle cap, I can totally recommend Colief Baby Scalp Oil to get rid of it quickly and easily. It certainly worked in Honey Nut’s case, and it’s so lovely to see her beautiful clean scalp after all these months!

Sabrina x

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