Siblings – December + Christmas Jumper Style

I’ve had another month with these two beauties (sorry, I’m biased ;-)) and honestly it has been amazing watching their relationship blossom. Honey Nut absolutely adores her brother, and he will do anything to make her laugh. I do take a lot of videos of them interacting, but actually not many photos of the two of them together, so I did an impromptu Christmas jumper photo shoot at the weekend.


Tyler is wearing his new Christmas jumper that I bought from Lidl for £5.99 the other day. I love the pastel colours on it, so it looks quite a tasteful Christmas jumper. The fabric is nice and light too, which is good as this boy gets hot quite easily. It’s age 4 – 6 years, so this will last him a couple of years as it’s a bit baggy on him right now.


Lily is wearing an M&S number that a friend gave to me. It’s 9-12 months so it is actually meant to be a top that has matching leggings, but as Honey Nut is 5 months, I have turned it into a Christmas dress for her by teaming it was cream coloured tights.


This past month, Honey Nut has found Tyler more and more funny each day. Even watching him eat makes her smile! If she hears his voice, she has to turn and find him (which makes feeding her difficult!). She wants to grab him if she is near him. If he is playing with cars, she wants to grab his cars.


Tyler has taken on the older brother role of teaching her how to do things in his way “No Honey Nut, you don’t touch that” “No Honey Nut, you don’t eat that”, as well as entertaining her by jumping really really close to her head – that is always scary “No Tyler!”


In the mornings, if he wakes before her, he waits by her cot waiting for her to wake up. It’s so cute. Then I hear a “Oh hi Honey Nut!” before he switches her cot mobile on and chucks all her soft toys around her. She’s always smiling back, so she must like it 🙂


A close up of Tyler’s jumper, I’m so pleased I found it whilst I was food shopping!


Honey Nut and her feet, as usual:


Seeing these two together makes my heart sing! I could watch them all day. And it’s going to get even more interesting now that she can sit up. I can’t wait to see what this next month will be like!

Sabrina x

The Me and Mine Project


16 responses to “Siblings – December + Christmas Jumper Style

  1. Ah that totally works as a dress too! I used to do it the other way around – old dresses have been worn as tops when my daghter got older and bigger 😀 Very adorable Christmas wear they both have! #funkykidfriday


  2. What lovely photos and what a bargain the jumper was! Like you i really like the pastel colours and Lily’s dress is so cute.


    • It would appear it didn’t! How annoying! I was saying, the pair of them are rocking some wonderful little festive outfits and also look so cute together! Thanks so much for linking up with #weekendtotstyle, hope you’re having a lovely week! See you again in January!x


      • Ahh that is annoying when that happens! Thank you for commenting again 😀 Have a wonderful christmas, family of four again woohoo! See you in 2017 xx


  3. Could your two littles be any cuter together?!? I cannot believe you got his top from Lidls, I really must pay more attention to their offers. Genious to make the most of Honey Nuts top by teaming it with tights, and she looks absolutely adorable in it. Thank you for sharing with #weekendtotstyle x

    Liked by 1 person

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