Mamas and Papas Luna Pushchair Makeover/Upcycle

Last month was a big milestone month for Lily when she started to use the BIG pushchair, rather than the infant carrier. I had delayed it as long as possible, trying to keep her as a little baby for as long as possible, but it was getting pretty snug in that infant carrier. So out came Tyler’s old pushchair, and here is Lily sitting for the first time in it. As you can see, she was really happy – and the little coos and gurgles coming out of her. She loved it! But I didn’t love how the pushchair looked. It just looked like Tyler’s pushchair – not Lily’s.



You might say, why don’t you just buy another pushchair. Well, I love this buggy. It’s a Mamas and Papas Ora buggy (otherwise known as Luna) that has lasted 4 years, I can steer it so well, I can fold it up and unfold it in 30 seconds. You know when you just KNOW a pushchair. It is such good quality, and it has been on so many adventures with Tyler and me, that I can’t let it go. Also Mamas and Papas pushchairs are like £200 brand now, so not cheap!

This pushchair has had many looks across the years. Here is Tyler’s first outing with it back when he was 7 months, when it was with the original black and red hood, and cube pattern seat.



I decided I did not like the hood, and at the time I was extremely jealous of all the yummy mummies with their yellow Bugaboos. They were EVERYWHERE in 2012! So I found a yellow Mamas and Papas Luna hood on eBay. It was second-hand, so had a few marks, but I didn’t care – I had a yellow pushchair!



When we moved to Slough, I wanted a new identity for the buggy. New town, new start and all that. So I found a new green Luna hood on eBay. This one was in perfect condition and I was so happy!



I still hated the cube patterned print on the seat, but it seemed to suit Tyler fine. This was his buggy. But for Lily, I really wanted a PINK hood. I had already bought a black replacement seat for £16 from eBay, which I thought would go well with any of the coloured hoods.

I had been checking eBay every week for a pink hood, but all that was for sale were whole buggies with collection only from up north. I just wanted the hood! A breakthrough came last month when I found a hood that I thought was pink. I got it for £5 and had it couriered for £10.

But when it arrived, it was purple! I was a bit upset at first, but then I had an idea. I was suddenly motivated to do a makeover. I remembered I had a fitted sheet from the cot that would be the perfect fabric for the pushchair liner. Here is the sheet:


So that Saturday night, I cut up this fitted sheet in the shape of the pushchair liner, and cut a rectangle to line the inside of the footmuff, and cut out a house to sew over the ugly red ‘Ora’ text on the front of the footmuff. I got out my sewing machine and here is what I came up with…



Cool or what?! I am SOOOO pleased with it, doesn’t the pushchair look perfect for Lily now? I steam cleaned the hood with my steam cleaner. It was in pretty good condition, there were just a few stains on the top which have come out totally. It looks brand new! I also cleaned up the wheels and metal bits, it’s crazy how muddy it all way. The dirt all came off with some multi-purpose cleaner.

My sewing isn’t perfect, I would get slated if I was on the Sewing Bee, but all the rough edges are on the underside so no one will see those bits, like this:


Here are some more close-ups:


I sewed the house on the the footmuff with a small zig-zag stitch.


Here is how it looks without the footmuff:


The hood all sparkly and clean 🙂


And of course, we have to have a photo of Lily in the buggy. Now we don’t look so drab doing the school run 😀


If you fancy giving something old a makeover, give it a go. I am really glad I tried it, and all in all it cost me £35 to make this pushchair new again. Better than spending £200!

Sabrina x


3 responses to “Mamas and Papas Luna Pushchair Makeover/Upcycle

  1. No way! You configured that stroller all those years by yourself. The last one looks savage. It looks like you have made some changes every year. So every year your stroller looked different and new. I will also try these type of arts.

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