To my sweet sweet boy, now you are 5

Dear Tyler,

Now you are five, I felt like it’s time I wrote you one of those letters that you might like to read when you’re older. I’m not really into writing mushy stuff, but turning 5 is a big milestone, and you’ve been asking me if you are 5 yet for the past two months – it’s obviously a BIG deal.


Do you know when you were first born, in those early days when your dada and I were holding you, I was actually worried that you wouldn’t like me. I said to your dada “What if he doesn’t like me?” Because you see, your mummy is the most girliest of girls, into pink, shopping, Barbie dolls, clothes, makeup, nail polish, rom coms and girly books, and I most definitely do not like football. Why would you find me interesting?


The amazing thing is, you DO love me, just as much as I love you, you make me feel like the I’m the most fascinating person in the world, and you love that mummy’s favourite colour is pink. So thank you Tyler!


I am so proud of the person you’ve become, the person you’ve always been, with that funny little personality that finds the simplest things hilarious. I love your laugh, and how you want everyone to laugh with you, to find the same things funny. And with that cute face, who wouldn’t laugh with you!


You’re an observer, and you used to be the quiet type. You wouldn’t say much, always watching and taking things in. I used to wonder what you were thinking, until those little phrases came out when you were around 18 months, like “More snacks?” and “I do it!” as you’d grab the broom off your Nana.


I feel like you’re not only my son, but you’re my friend, my little buddy, my companion. You’re the best little friend anyone could ask for. I want to thank you, because without you, all those trips around the country would be so boring. I love taking you on train trips and finding new places to discover, and I love that you ask so many questions, that you want to learn.


You are so close to your family, and you’ve brought joy into not only your parents’ home, but your Nana and Grandpa’s home and your Agee’s home. You are sunshine and laughter and happiness. You love your grandparents so much, and their homes are home to you too. I love how you treat your Aunty Brat and Uncle Zu as if they are your older siblings rather than your aunty and uncle, you just chill out with them, and always ask if they can come with us when we go somewhere. It’s so heartwarming. And now we have your little sister Lily, the way you look after her makes me a proud mummy.


Now you are 5.

I used to be afraid of you getting older, I would think that you’d stop liking us, that you’d find all the cute things you used to like boring. But I had nothing to be afraid of. You are the most amazing 5 year old I know, along with all your buddies at school, you are all so funny and cute and I would chat to you all for hours if I could. I’d love to come into school with you all and play! Oh well, I’ll make do with after school playtime 🙂

The best thing is, now that you are 5, is that you’re still the same Tyler that you’ve always been, obsessed with trains and buses, liking milk and pasta, with your favourite colour being blue. You’re still so fussy about what shoes to wear and you still watch Peppa Pig. The only difference is how much you can talk now and how much you understand. I can have a full on conversation with you. And you can READ! You amaze me everyday.

My sweet, sweet boy. I am so proud of you. Don’t every change who you are, because you are amazing. Thank you for coming into my life.

Lots of love,

Mummy xxxxx


3 responses to “To my sweet sweet boy, now you are 5

  1. Awww happy birthday Tyler! I cant believe he’s 5 already!! I’ve loved reading about him and seeing all your pictures of him and Lilly over the last year 🙂 Lovely post, thanks for sharing it with us on #MarvMondays. Emily


    • Ahh thanks Emily! It’s crazy how fast the time goes, I’m glad I’ve got this blog to note everything down – you blink and they’ve grown up, wish time would slow down! xx


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