Me and Mine | April 2017

April has both whizzed by and seemed like a long month too. It has been such a lovely month with the sunshine finally coming out, having our first family holiday as a four (plus an aunty ;-)), enjoying the Easter hols and having a big change at home with the kiddos moving into their own bedroom – something I could not have imagined to happen just last month. We managed some family photos on the last day of the month, this is at the fun fair in Ealing Common where we celebrated my husband’s birthday.


And this is on the same day at the same spot where we got married and had our wedding photos taken. It was totally unplanned, we were having a birthday dinner at Franco Manco and I took Lily outside as she was a bit unsettled. I was sitting outside the restaurant and looked to my right, and there it was – it was like I was looking at our wedding photo. I had totally lost my bearings and didn’t realised that was where we were eating! So we had to have a photo taken their with our kiddos, pretty special hey?!


Here’s what we used to look like 😉


Now on to what we have loved this month:

Me: Our holiday in Wales, going to the seaside, spending time with the family, my husband and my sister – it was so nice to have that time as they are usually at work. Days out with the kiddos in the Easter hols – Windsor, Southbank, Cowley Lockside, Langley Park – ahh to have the sunshine back. Shame it disappeared in the second half of the month. I have enjoyed witnessing how Tyler is growing up, his conversational skills and especially his reading, he can read! I still can’t get over it. Watching Lily develop so much this month too, with her standing and laughing, with her little tongue hanging out! TV wise I have liked watching Money for Nothing and that new London Underground series (maybe I’m a train geek too)

The husband: The same as the above with the additional of it being his birthday month! And who doesn’t like it being their birthday!? I think he likes having his bed back now that Tyler and Lily have moved into their room! Funfairs – we went to two this month! Seeing the little monsters play together and laugh and have fun. TV wise he has liked watching the boxing.

Tyler: Going on holiday and the bus and train journeys. The London Transport Museum Depot day and getting his new Crossrail toy train. All the days out, and after school fun with his best friends. Being back at school (he missed his friends!). Asking questions. When I say to him why are you asking me all these questions, he says “Cos I like it!” That is his saying of the month. Sharing a room with his sister.

Lily: She has liked sleeping in the big cot, being on holiday, waking up and shouting out to Tyler (Huh! Huh! Huh!) She have loved standing, any chance she could get. She loved touching the sand at the seaside, and generally being outdoors on the days out and being able to crawl on the grass. She loved moving on to the big pushchair and the next stage car seat (goodbye infant carrier) Oh the happiness on her face, she is soooo much happier now. Little Baby Bum nursery rhyme videos – mesmerised by them.

That’s all I can think of right now, and it’s actually May as I write this and we are looking forward to Tyler’s birthday party – whoop whoop!

Hope you had a lovely April too.

Sabrina x


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