The Siblings Project | December 2017

It’s the last Siblings post of the year!! I don’t know how it is suddenly the 15th of the month again. But you know, I am so glad I started doing this project, as it’s lovely to look back on the same month from the previous year and see how much they have grown.


Nothing has changed about Lily’s adoration of her big brother, which you can see in the expression of this photo.


What they have been doing more of is play chase together, running after each other, especially at Nana’s house where there is lots of space. Tyler calls out “Lily!” in fits of laughter, and then Lily runs after him.


In many of our photos, Tyler poses like this with one leg up. He explains that he is trying to be little like Lily.


They also taken a shine to posing outside this person’s flat – sorry neighbour, but you have nice glass bricks!


With the festive season upon us, it has been really fun doing Christmas activities, starting with our tree of course. (Though this is the B&M one that I later chucked as it was looking a bit sorry for itself! The new tree is looking much better.)


Lily met Santa for the first time – though she doesn’t look too impressed. Tyler was very excited, as he’s at that age when they really believe in all the magic.


Double siblings photo here with the siblings and my sibling.


Reindeer anyone? This was at Tyler’s friend’s birthday party. He had two in the past month, one was like a little disco, the other was at a trampolining park and at both parties Lily joined in with the celebrating.


This photo sums up the two of them – best of friends. I did not pose this at all, they woke up to snow so Tyler was gazing out of the window. Then Lily went to join him as she just has to do whatever he is doing. I was like, quick, much take a photo! Aren’t they the cutest?!


It’s been a fun year bringing up the two of them. I was always worried the age gap was too big, but with Tyler being a young 5-year-old and Lily trying to be older than she is, I think the gap is getting smaller everyday.

All the hearts ♥ ♥ ♥

Sabrina x

The Me and Mine Project


4 responses to “The Siblings Project | December 2017

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  2. Lovely happy photos. I love the way Lily looks up at her big brother – you can see she adores him. It is amazing how that age gap seems to shrink as they get bigger. Love the last photo of Tyler and Lily looking out at the snow, what a beautiful shot to capture their bond 🙂 #siblingsproject


  3. its so adorable how she admires her brother!! my favourite it one is the last picture so simple yet gorgeous! #siblingsproject


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