Christmas 2017 in Slough, Berkshire

I was debating whether to write this post or not. After all, Slough isn’t London, it’s not somewhere you drive to to look at Christmas lights. But I suppose I wanted to share with you that, despite there being 100s of different cultures here, this town does celebrate Christmas. And it’s great. I’m seeing Christmas trees everywhere, houses and apartments with Christmas lights on, shop windows with festive displays. It’s definitely Christmas in Slough.

The official Slough Town Centre tree with GIANT baubles


Colourful baubles hanging under the dome in the Observatory


Santa’s Grotto with eskimos I think…


The ‘elegant’ tree in front of TK Maxx


Colourful baubles this year in Queensmere (usually it’s just the bare lights)


The Curve’s Christmas Tree


Christmas trees at St Mary’s Church where Lily has playgroup


And the best one – the tree at my son’s school


I do love Christmas decorations, and I was especially amazed when we went to my son’s Christmas Fayre at his school and saw this beautiful real tree there. It’s huge and so beautifully decorated with golds and deep reds, gold hanging deers and green butterflies. Whoever decorated it did a really good job, as every parent was trying to take a photo of their child in front of it! A very difficult task with all the crowds, and in my case, very hyper children.

How’s Christmas looking in your town? Have you got a favourite tree?

Sabrina x

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