The Ickenham Miniature Railway

On Saturday it came up on my Facebook timeline that the Ickenham Miniature Railway was opening that day. I had a click on the website and we thought this is something Tyler would really enjoy. It had been ages since we had a day out – this winter has felt like the longest winter ever. So off we went, without our coats hee hee!


If you’re wondering where Ickenham is, it’s West of London, just by Uxbridge. The miniature railway is near Ickenham station on the Met/Picadilly Line or West Ruislip on the Central Line. We drove, as it’s about 20 minutes drive from Slough, and parked in the Pay and Display car park by Ickenham Library.


To get there, we walked down a little alleyway in the car park of the Coach and Horse pub, and then suddenly we were inside this miniature steam train land! There were LOADS of toddlers, but it turned out that there was a 4-year-old boy’s birthday party happening, and freakily one of the dads used to work with my husband, which was how we knew.


It was free entry, and you could ride on the trains for 50p each (adult or child fare). Tyler’s eyes were going everywhere, there were so many little trains. Ganesh took him for his first ride. He bought the tickets from a little booking office hut and then they queued up.


There were steam trains, where you could actually see the coal being loaded in with cute little shovels. And there were battery operated trains. As the trains come into the platform. they turn around on the turntable.


It was absolutely fascinating to watch. I had a go after Ganesh, and the trains go quite fast! They go round the track twice, under a little bridge, through two tunnels and then back on to the platform. I made a little 1-minute video so you can see the journey.


My brother and sister came a little while after, which Tyler was super excited about, and we forced them to have a go too. Unfortunately the battery ran out on their go, and the driver had to push them back to the platform which was very amusing! I videoed it too, just so they can never forget haha – it’s in the vlog above.

The track went past a shed where the trains are kept and maintained (above right). There was also a little cafe for refreshments. We were constantly seeing mugs of tea being brought out for the drivers!

I loved all the little level crossing signs, well all the vintage looking signs. There’s just something about them. I guess they are original, as this railway has been there since 1969.


The railway is open on the first Saturday of each month, so I think we’ll be back in May! – (EDIT: Currently closed due to the pandemic) – The good thing is that as it’s quite small, it’s not so tiring for me being quite heavily pregnant and there’s plenty of benches. There’s nowhere really for Tyler to run off to, so I can easily keep an eye on him without him getting lost. This is a real plus for me!


If you’re ever in the West London area and have a train-mad child,  I totally recommend this place!

Address: Next to the Coach and Horse pub, 1 High Road, Ickenham, Middlesex UB10 8LJ


35 responses to “The Ickenham Miniature Railway

    • Yes he didn’t want to leave! Luckily it’s not too far from where we live, so I’ll bring him back next month. I love vintage signs, so cool aren’t they! xx


  1. This place looks lovely, it sounds quite secretive being down an alley in a pub car park, making it feel quite special. You and your family look like you had a fab day out. Claire x #FamilyFun


  2. Fab photographs! I love a little train – we have a small steam engine in the western Lake District and it’s a great day out too.


  3. What a great little outing! We have a miniature railway near us yet we haven’t been on it yet! Looks like a lot of fun! By the way love the name of your husband. My dad was Indian, from Kolkata so I know the god Ganesh but have never met anyone with the same name. Thanks for joining in with #MyFavouriteTrip. Polly x


    • It really was a fun afternoon, Tyler really enjoyed himself. Ahh thanks I’ll tell him, he’ll be well happy! He’s the first Ganesh I’ve ever met too! x


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