Slough Toddler Playgroup |Baptist Church – Fridays

This is the third and final post in my series about Slough Toddler Playgroups. My most clicked post is the one I wrote about Baby Groups in Slough, and I am hoping this series will be useful to new parents who have just moved to the area, or for anyone who’s been a bit nervous to try a playgroup. Hopefully this will give you the reassurance that it is a fun, worthwhile activity. If you missed the last two posts, have a read here about Monday’s group ‘Start the Week‘ and Wednesday’s group ‘Trinity Tots‘. This week I will tell you about Friday’s playgroup called ‘Coffee Pot’ that runs on Friday mornings (term-term) at Slough Baptist Church.


Slough Baptist Church is just at the end of Slough High Street, on Windsor Road. It’s on the opposite side to the Slough ‘MyCouncil’ building, past that Creams Ice Cream place and the Rising Sun pub. It starts at 10.30am, costs £1, and is a very popular group.


The group is headed up by Kate and a lovely group of volunteers. We’ve been coming here for a year and a half now, and Lily loves it. There is a huge amount of toys and play equipment to choose from. When you come it, you are greeted by the friendly caretaker and there is a huge room to park your buggy in. The entrance to the main room is gated to keep the toddlers in, and you’re let in once you sign in and pay.


Usually we head straight to the refreshments area to get a cuppa and snacks. Out of all the playgroups, this one has the best selection – although Trinity Tots is moving their way up the snacks ranking I would say, hehe. I always go for the cake here, and for the little ones they have baked snacks, breadsticks, fruit, beakers of squash, and sometimes those squeezy fruit pouches. And you can put the snacks in a plastic cup so your toddler can walk around holding the cup and eating, with less chance of dropping the food – great idea!


The central area is set up with chairs in a huge circle, you can sit here and chat, or just watch your child while you have a cuppa. Inside the circle are baby toys and bouncers for young babies, so it’s a safe place away from toddlers running around.


Outside the circle there are areas set up for toy cars, DIY, soft play and sometimes a huge ball pit, a kitchen area, ride ons and trikes, supermarket trolleys, play food, a slide and trampoline, a gorgeous wooden dolls house, a wooden train table, a spinny see-saw ride, mega bloks. There is so much! This group doesn’t do playdoh or arts and crafts – it’s all about playing with toys here. It’s a crazy manic atmosphere, but the children love it. And the space is a big rectangle, so you can see across the room and find your child easily.


At about 11.15-ish we start tidying up the toys and it’s all stored in a massive walk-in cupboard. Then there is a singing session with Jennifer, and she sings with a microphone like a proper singer. First there is one Christian song and then it’s all the usual nursery rhymes. It ends with a song where all the children pick a musical instrument and sing to that ‘Pi-a Pi-a Pi-ano’ song. And then it finishes at around 11.45.


If you are looking for a baby/toddler activity on a Friday morning in Central Slough, do try this one out. It is drop-in, no need to book.

Sabrina x

Coffee Pot @ Slough Baptist Church 
Windsor Road, Slough SL1 2EJ
Fridays 10.30am – 11.45am (term-time only)
Cost: £1


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