Baby Honey Nut | 4 Weeks Old

4 weeks old : Days 28 – 34

Time for a 4 week update (how is she a month old already?!) Here is what the Babycentre says about 4 weeks:

Your baby can probably track a moving object with her eyes for longer than a couple of seconds. Try passing a colourful rattle in front of your baby’s face. You may be rewarded with coos and gurgles of pleasure. Her head is steadier now, too, and she may even be able to lift it up when lying flat on her tummy on the floor or a changing mat. Short periods of time on the floor will help her strengthen her neck muscle but stay close by. Your baby can easily get tired.”

Well she has started noticing her colourful fish rattles when we shake them in front of her, and she seems to like the goldfish one best! Her head is getting steadier and she certainly seems less fragile than the early days. Especially when she is over my shoulder, the head is up, still wobbly, but she is trying to keep it up to look out of the window. She has real tears now when she cries (which is still a lot and really loud!) I’ve started to use my Hauck baby carrier which calms her and I can get more stuff done now with my hands free. I also ordered a pink Amawrap sling, but still figuring out how to put it on! I’ve been braver this week with taking both kiddos out, with her first train trip to Windsor and a visit to our local Pick Your Own farm. Her ‘up to 1 month’ clothes are tight so she’s moving on to 0-3 month clothes, and I’ve washed the rest of them ready for her to wear. Nappies are Pampers Size 1. We’ve also noticed she loves not wearing a nappy, she’s always calmer once the nappy is off.

Here’s my diary for the week (they go with the pictures above from left to right):

Day 28 – 4 weeks today at exactly 8.44pm! Do you like my handmade milestone card? She’s crying real tears these days and those little hands are getting everywhere! She’s had a growth spurt and now in size 0-3 month clothes. Today was her first time on a train, the start of our adventures 😀

Day 29 – Thought I’d go with a ‘real’ photo – this is us at the baby clinic this morning, where Honey Nut now weighs a healthy 8lb 15. I thought she looked bigger! The health visitor also suspects she has the dreaded colic from my description of our tearful evenings – noooooo!

Day 30 – This girl is one month old today. It has been amazing watching her grow – though I do feel rather like a Mummy Cow. And it’s been one month of Tyler being a big brother, I swear he loves her more and more each day. Well so do I ❤️ Thank you to my lovely friend who got us a pack of Next milestone vests for each of the first 12 months. This is ‘1 month’, so cute.

Day 31 – ahh she loves me! When I call her name, she smiles – she melts my heart ❤️ We’re having a mummy daughter day while Tyler is at his grandparents. Hmmm, I guess we ought to go pick him up!

Day 32 – still feeding, crying, burping and sleeping all day. Picked up another prescription for her tongue thrush which is just not going err. Aunty Angie is over this evening so I’ve dressed her in this tropical pineapple dress that she got her from Next.

Day 33 – when she’s happy, she’s happy. When she cries, boy does she cry! I don’t want to wish these early days away, but bring on 6 weeks! In other news, today was the first time she visited a ‘Pick your own’ farm, though she slept the whole time.

Day 34 – Honey Nut had some visitors this morning. It was so lovely having lots of kiddos in the home. Also discovered last night that she loves lying on the playmat, she’s certainly been crying less and is sleeping on it right now. You know when you have a ‘duh’ moment, why didn’t we get this out before?! Yes that.

Here’s a 1 minute video:

What an amazing month it’s been. I look at her and still can’t believe she is here. Wow!

Sabrina x



2 responses to “Baby Honey Nut | 4 Weeks Old

  1. She is so beautiful and I can’t believe how smiley she is! We are still waiting for Cora’s first smiles. Cora is happiest without a nappy on too, it is the only way she is happy in the evening!


    • Thank you! I’m sure Cora will smile soon, we’re so close to 6 weeks – the good days are coming! That’s so interesting she likes her nappy off too, they must like the air down there! Xx


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