A Weekend Winter Seaside Break in Deal, Kent

I have always wanted to wake up by the seaside on my birthday, so this year was the year we did it! I booked an amazing AirBnB apartment that was actually on the seafront. It had a sofabed that the kids and I slept on so we could sleep by the sea – it was truly magical. Going to sleep to the sound of the waves, waking up to the sun-rise, albeit a cloudy one, but still, I could have gazed out of the window all day. Of course, with kids, that is not possible, so we did venture out, and instead of writing about it, I’ll share the photos.


It is so pretty in Deal. It has a cute little High Street, a ramshackle pier full of fishermen and plenty of what look like abandoned boats to wander around and take pictures of. The people are friendly, mostly elderly and who seem fascinated by ‘coloured’ people, but in a nice way. It is quite amusing, and heart-warming, the amount of times Tyler and Lily were described as beautiful. If you haven’t been to Deal, do have a visit, it makes for a lovely break. I’m glad I spent my birthday there.

Have you been to Deal before? What’s your favourite seaside town?

Sabrina x

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