Toddler Trampolining at Jump In, Slough

The other day, Lily and I checked out Jump In while they had this ‘mums go free’ January offer, and we had such a good time that I thought I’d share our experience with you! If you aren’t aware of what Jump In is, it is this HUGE warehouse type building in the more industrial side of Slough. Once you go inside, you see an amazing space full of trampolines and slides and softplay, and you hear the music pumping. It is exciting walking in there, I must say.


This place isn’t just for toddlers, adults and kids can jump here too, but I’m going to tell you about the experience from a ‘mum and toddler’ point of view at off-peak times (ie weekdays in term time). You have to queue to pay, but before you do that, you’ll see some computers at the entrance – make sure you fill in a waiver at these computers before you queue to pay. The waiver basically is you signing that you are in charge of a minor. You can do this online before you visit also.

For a toddler, there are two types of packages – “Toddler Jump and Play”, which is soft play and the toddler trampolining area (£5 off-peak/£9 peak), or there is “Toddler Time” (weekdays 10am-12pm term-time only) which is £8, where parent and toddler can jump in the WHOLE place as it’s a quiet time of day – TOTALLY WORTH IT!!

We went for Toddler Time, which cost me only £5 (I went in free because of the January offer) and we bought trampolining socks for £2 which we got to keep.


At first we jumped in the Todder Trampolining area which is a smaller area of about 10 trampolines that is separated off from the bigger area by a net, so you can be sure your little ones are safe to jump here without fear of them getting trampled by big kids! Only under 5s can jump here. Parents aren’t allowed to jump here, so you have to stand on the blue bits, or sit on the green foam bit in the middle.


After Lily got the hang of jumping here (which she REALLY enjoyed!), I attempted to take her to the bigger trampolining bit, but she got distracted by the soft play which you have to walk past to get out of the toddler bit. There are Little Tikes buggies and a soft play area with slides, rubber lego bricks, ball pit, things to climb up, you know, the usual soft play things.


There are a few chairs and tables in the toddler area, but the main cafe area is next to it, I think the idea being you can grab a coffee while the kids play, possibly. Though I always get in the soft play with my kids – yes, I am THAT parent, hehe.

After soft play, we eventually made it to the big trampolining area, and this it the bit I LOVED. It was such a buzz having the whole place practically to ourselves, and to know that you’re not normally allowed in that area with a toddler, yeah, it was a buzz! Lily looked so tiny amongst all the trampolines, but she loved it, jumping and climbing like a pro!


She was quite obsessed by bit in the middle (the green bit in the photo above), where the trampoline curves up. She would climb up and slide down. I bounced on the trampolines too, it was so much fun, though just watching Lily was entertainment to me 😀

After she got a bit tired, we went to the cafe for a latte and a brownie, plus a little cup of milk for Lily. We got them free as part of the January offer, but normally you’ll have to pay, and the pricing is average coffee shop prices.


The cafe has been newly refurbished, it does look bright, and there was a good selection of cakes to choose from. There was also a chiller with food and cold drinks if you wanted to have lunch. The loos and baby-change are to the right of the cafe (the green bit in the photo above).


We went back on the trampolines after Lily had left loads of crumbs on the floor (sorry!), and discovered some other play areas that are also included in your entrance fee.

There’s Dodgeball – an area with a curved wall surrounding the trampolines and lots of foam balls to chuck around.


There’s Battle Beam, with foam sticks and foam blocks to whack each other with. Well, that’s what these two boys were doing!


There’s this area where you jump from the top on to the air bag below. We watched a woman do it, it was quite amusing!


And at the front, down a couple of steps is an area with lots of curvy drop slides, and this  one – the VERTICAL SLIDE! I would never do it in a million years, but they say that people have!


So that’s our tour of Jump In, Slough for you. We were there an hour and a half and that definitely tired Lily out – she slept straight after for a good 2 hours.

We will definitely be back, I’ll probably make it a once a month thing, as she enjoyed it so much, and I enjoyed the tunes they played too – it reminded me of being on a night out (from many, many year ago!!) I preferred going with one child, so I could concentrate on just her and I felt relaxed. But I would like to bring Tyler one day, though he has been before for his friend’s birthday party. I think when they are that age (5), they prefer to jump with their friends. It’s also quite expensive at weekends and holiday-time as that counts as peak, so for now, I’ll just come for the weekday 10-12 Toddler Time, as that will only cost me £8 for the two of us.

If you fancy a go at trampolining, it is worth a visit, but do plan it as it can be quite pricey, especially if you have more than one child. You can see all the prices on the Jump In website. Maybe check online for any offers, check their Facebook page. I think Groupon sometimes have offers on too. It’s worth booking online before you visit if you want to avoid their £1 walk-in fee.

Jump In is at the end of Dundee Road, drive right to the end and you’ll see a pink sign, and you turn right into the car park. If the front is full, keep driving to the end and there are more spaces to the left.

Jump In Slough
550 Dundee Road
Slough SL1 4LE
Open: Mon-Thurs: 10am – 9pm, Fri: 10am – 10pm, Sat/Sun: 9am – 9pm

I hope you found this review helpful, and if you have visited, do let us know in the comments what you thought of it.

Sabrina x


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