A Look Back at 2018

2018 has been such a lovely year for me and my little family. When I look back, all I can see is happy memories, and I do feel blessed to be in that position, when it has been a tough year for others. We started the year having simple, achieveable goals. Admittedly we have not done all of them, but just the ones that make us happy.

I wanted to wake up at the seaside on my birthday, and we did that at Deal in Kent. The home is looking nice and decluttered and I feel happy with it. My husband turned 40 and we celebrated in New York! Tyler turned 6 and decided to try a bit of vlogging. And 2018 is when he lost his baby front teeth. Lily turned 2 and starting talking and talking and talking!

I took the kids on so many adventures on my own through the year. I got the best thing from blogging and that was a Legoland annual pass which meant many days out there. When I look back on the year, I see street dance and cinema trips, lots of jumping on trampolinesheritage trains, the London Transport Museum. The second half of the year has been my happiest, being able to meet up with old friends regularly has made a world of difference to me. It is soooo nice to just chat with your friends, and I am so happy that one of my closest friends has moved near to me! And to have discovered the Chilterns on our doorstep – it has been lovely taking Lily for mini-adventures while Tyler is at school.

I am so happy with where my blog has ended up, I stuck to regularly writing local posts about Slough and have met many locals. I have discovered and shared many local activities, and I want to carry on finding things that parents in my area will find useful. Launching @Sloughitsnotsobad on Instagram is another achievement I am proud of. I am also pleased with my side-project about Woolworths and I’ve managed to write over 200 posts this year!

Instagram-wise, this year I have learnt so much, and I’ve reignited that creative side of me with those magical photos, using Photoshop and phone apps like Snapseed. It feels so good to learn and to be able to share my photos with you all. YouTube has not been a priority for me, though I did vlog every day in the summer so the kids can watch back when they are older.

For me, 2018 has been about getting that balance right and not trying to do everything. Enjoying life with the kids and family, my photography, discovering the local area and travelling that little bit more. Because that is what makes me happy.

For 2019, I guess that is my motto to you – do what makes you feel happy, spend time with your loved ones and be kind.

How was your 2018? I hope you have had a good year too.

Sabrina x


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