Children’s Street Dance Classes | Slough

When I wrote my goals for 2018, one of them was to do more activities with Tyler at the weekend. I didn’t expect to find that activity so quickly, but thanks to this Active Slough leaflet, I did! There on the Tots section was a Saturday Street Dance class for kids aged 3 – 6 years. So we tried it out and Tyler loved it!


The classes are at the Creative Academy, off Stoke Poges Lane in Slough. The Creative Academy is a studio where students study for degrees such as a BA(Hons) in Dance. On Saturdays they offer free classes to children age 3+, teens and adults in Street Dance, Musical Theatre, Dance Fit and Pilates. It’s drop-in so you don’t have to book, and there is a car park at the side of the building.


The Tots class is for age 3-6 years and the dance instructor is a lovely dance graduate called Molly, along with a dance student to help out. They are fab, so vibrant, energetic and really good with kids. Tyler was a bit nervous to start off with at his first class, but he soon warmed up and got into it with ease. By Week 2, he was straight in there like a pro. He really loves dancing!

To start off with, Molly gets everyone in a circle to get to know each other, say their name, what’s their favourite animal  – just something to break the ice for the newbies. And then the kids stand in a line and do warm-ups to pop music, like jumping jacks, marching on the spot or hopping like their favourite animal.


Next she gets the kids to skip one by one across the room with feet pointed (Tyler looked like a proper dancer when he did it!)

Then she teaches them a little routine to an upbeat song. The first week it was to Best Song Ever by One Direction, and the second week is was to a Bruno Mars song. Obviously it’s a simple routine thats easy for young kids to pick up and remember, like stepping to the side, swinging your arms and spinning around. Something like that anyway!


It is really cute to watch the kids do the routine, and they really enjoy it, you can see the happiness as well as the concentration on their faces. Parents watch at the back or at the side, and little siblings are on their parents’ laps – though in my case Lily decided to join in every now and then – she even copied the steps. She cracks me up, she jumps like crazy when a song comes on – this one is going to be a dancer!


For the last 10 minutes of the class, they play a game before going home, like “What’s the time Mr. Fox”.

There is seating outside the room if you want to get a coffee, but I like watching the class. And even though class is an hour long, the time just speeds by, you don’t even realise it’s an hour. I am so impressed with this class, how fun it is, how it gets the kids to exercise without even realising it. I am really happy to have found an activity that suits Tyler to a tee, the boy who is always hopping and skipping everywhere, who can’t stand still, who loves music.


If you are looking for a dance class for your child, I can really recommend this one. There’s no pressure of dancing for an end of year show and all the stuff you get with those dance schools. No, this is just fun, and that’s what you want at a young age, for kids to enjoy themselves. If you have older children, they also do Saturday Street Dance classes for age 7-11 (10.15am-11.15am) and age 12-17 (11.30am-12.30pm), and for adults there is Dance Fit (12.45pm-1.45pm) – see the Active Slough leaflet for more details.

Where and what time:
Class: Tots Street Dance Age 3-6, Saturdays 10.15am – 11.15am (term-time only)
Fee: £30 for a 12-week term
Address: The Creative Academy, Portsmouth Court, Off Stoke Poges Lane, Slough, Berkshire SL1 3NY (behind Slough Central Mosque)

Hope you found this review useful, and a big thank you to all the parents for giving me permission to take photos of their children at this dance class.

Hopefully we’ll see you there next time!

Sabrina x


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