I stood on the wrong side of the escalator. oops.

yes that’s right, me, i have only stopped working in london for 6 months and today i stood on the left side of the escalator at canary wharf. I cant believe i forgot the escalator rule. could it be that i am slowly transforming into a country bumpkin? NEVER!

its been a week since i got my contact lenses, and its been blurry whenever i drive. so i went to the optician today and it turns out that i have astigmation or something – i have RUGBY SHAPED EYES. What the hell?! So i just have to deal with the blurred vision cos of my funny shaped eyes. great(!)

i met a friend who has been happily married now for just over a month, she is so blissfully happy and in love, like the first weeks of dating someone. aw. i am genuinely happy for her, cos if anyone deserves to be happy, she does. But i cant tell my mum that now can i?! All I said was ‘ She’s very happy’ and I got the whole ‘See arranged marriages do work blah blah blah blah’ SHUDDUP!!!

i spent 3 hours in oxford street looking for a strawberry necklace that was everywhere 2 weeks ago, but seems to have disappeared off the face of the earth. And i dont see anyone wearing them so where have they gone?? I eventually found a white one in urban outfitters. yay i feel well trendy now.

back in uxbridge there were smelly chavvy teenagers everywhere, screeching from the top of their lungs about mcdonalds fries and holding bottles of sprite that quite obviously contained something else. i had never seen so many police community officers than this evening. i guess we must have the baddest teenagers here. god i love uxbridge(!)


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