2-year-old Milestones – it’s okay to be shy!

This week I got to take my little boy to nursery for the first time. Normally my mum takes him, but on this day they asked me to come in to go through his 2-year-old report. So I was happy to take a day off work. It was amazing, I loved seeing him run inside and go straight to the fire trucks with the other boys. All the girls went to the doctors and nurses dress-up corner, and I joined in too – putting the stethoscope on and checking their heartbeats – so much fun!

Anyway, my boy’s key worker and I went through his report – it is so cute. There’s a checklist of milestones and activities that they tick off, things like he can help put his coat and boots on, he can build a tower of blocks etc. The highlight for me was he ‘likes singing his favourite songs while playing alongside others’. That is just what he does at home, he sings when he is happy and he is always singing to himself!

His only issue is not responding when they call his name at register, which I witnessed first hand that day. He has no reaction and stares into space. I know my boy though, he is shy and hates group situations, so I think his coping mechanism is to ignore. I was an extremely shy child and I remember first hand hating group situations and thinking if I don’t say anything, no one will see me and hopefully they won’t try to talk to me! I am pretty sure this is why my boy does that. Anyway I said to the key worker that hopefully he’ll grow out of it. He is only 2!

Here’s me walking my boy home when my sister and I picked him up, a perfect captured moment 🙂


What do you think about these 2-year-old reports? Is it worth worrying about or is it just a bunch of paperwork?

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8 responses to “2-year-old Milestones – it’s okay to be shy!

  1. Ah he is so cute, look at that little smile, maybe he is just shy? If you haven’t noticed anything at home, then maybe it is just a way of adapting to his surrounding x


    • Thank you, he is a little smiler! Yes you’re right, I do think it’s his way of adapting. He seems happy and I guess that’s all that matters 🙂 x


  2. Awww, you both look so happy in this photograph. It must have been lovely to walk him to nursery. I don’t think these development reports are anything to worry about. It sounds like he is hitting all his milestones. Plus, all children develop differently. He sounds a gorgeous little boy with an amazingly happy smile. Hugs Mrs H xxxx #MyCapturedMoment


    • Thank you Mrs H! Yeah I’m not too worried about it, just wondered what other mums thought. He is a happy boy, that’s all that matters right?! xx


  3. First of all LOVE the new look site!! Secondly this is so cute. I think it’s nice to have the opportunity to go in and talk to the key workers and get to know them. All kids at this age develop at different speeds but they all get there in the end. Fab shot of the two of you!! Thanks for joining #mycapturedmoment xxx


    • Ahh thank you, I wanted the blog to look more like my style, so very happy with it 🙂 And good point, it was nice to meet his key worker, she had lots of good things to say so that was nice. I made my sister take this picture, she’s good at taking photos. Thanks for hosting #MyCapturedMoment xx

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