Tyler’s 3-month baby routine

I was clearing out my desk at work the other day – can you tell I’m excited to be going on maternity leave – when I found this notebook from when Tyler was a baby, nearly 4 years ago. In it was written what looked like instructions to myself on how to look after Tyler. But I was so confused, why would I have written instructions to myself?!

Then I realised these were notes to my sister and mum when they were babysitting overnight for the first time, while my husband and I had a night away for our 3rd wedding anniversary. Tyler was 14 weeks. So I thought I’d share his routine with you, who knows, someone might find it useful!


Tyler’s baby routine at 3 months

7am – Feed 5oz milk. Change nappy.
Clean face – boil water and leave in bowl until warm. Separate cotton wool for each eye. Then clean face, under neck/chin, behind ears with another cotton wool.

10am, 1pm and 4pm is 4oz feeds

5.30pm – Catnap before bath time, about 40 minutes

6.30pm – Get 7pm bottle ready – 5oz

6.30pm-ish – Baby massage, just rub his legs and sing ‘Row your boat’ and do ‘This little piggy’ with his toes. Then rub tummy clockwise. Chest. Arms. no real rules, just do what you like.  (This isn’t written down but I’m sure I used olive oil for this)

7pm-ish – After his bath, oil his body and put green nappy on – lots of Vaseline and nappy cream in his creases (very light on nappy cream, as it affects the nappy absorbancy). Put a vest on as his nightie. Then feed him. (It was very hot in August 2012 from what I remember)

8pm – Put to bed, swaddled with mobile on and he might laugh and kick, so let him play, and then when he cries, put the dummy in and he should fall asleep.

10pm – 11pm – Get bottles ready. Boil kettle.
– 1 water bottle
– 4oz water for 11pm
– 5oz water for 7am
(I had those Tommee Tippee pots where I had pre-measured the formula to add to the water)

11pm – Dreamfeed 4oz. Burp over shoulder. Swap nappy for clean, green nappy but don’t wipe so he stays asleep. Put back in cot swaddled.

*There’s also a note on the previous page saying:
Infacol at every feed.  Burp him sitting up on your lap. Then change nappy. I only put a bit of nappy cream at 7am and 7pm.

I showed my sister these notes and she was like “I remember this, I followed it to the letter!”

Here’s a photo they sent me while we were on our night away. He was a happy chappy, didn’t even miss us!


I’m glad I wrote this as I don’t remember any of it, so at least it’s a reminder of what to do with Honey Nut!

Did you have a baby routine? Did you do any of the things I did?

Sabrina x


16 responses to “Tyler’s 3-month baby routine

  1. I do think having a routine with a baby and child is pretty important! I’ve never been on a strict routine but a routine is always there such as bedtimes etc!
    I can’t wait to go through the baby stage again


    • The routine really helped me in the early days. I don’t have a routine now that Tyler is nearly 4, so it’s going to be strange doing it all again with baby no 2! X


  2. We had a very flexible routine when I had my son, which was baby led, partly because I exclusively breastfeed so it is hard to plan and make a specific routine around that. But I can imagine making sure everything is sterilised and ready for baby that there must be a routine in place for that, I have also read that babies in routines thrive. It is so lovely that you had written it down and can look back at it. x


    • You’re right, I couldn’t have done this routine breast-feeding, actually I don’t even know how I did this routine, I’m such a different mum nearly 4 years later! I’ll see how I am with baby no. 2. I do remember this routine helped Tyler sleep through the night, so that was a plus! X


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