12 Colourful Boys Jumpers | SS18

I wanted to buy Tyler a new jumper the other day, but was shocked at the lack of choice on the high street. Now I’m talking about a knitted jumper here, not a sweatshirt (as there are plenty of sweatshirts), just a simple, comfy, bright jumper. BUT all there was in the usual high street stores were plain greys, navy, blacks, no designs. Just dark and boring! And this was in both the younger boy and older boy sections. What is happening? Why have we suddenly got to dress our boys in dark, dull clothes, yet the girls get all the bright, colourful stuff?!

I set to looking online, and I have to say it was difficult. Even online in the big branded stores, it was still all very plain, as if the trend is to dress our boys like they are miniature dads. No thanks. Zara, Debenhams, M&S, Tesco, GAP, Primark, Matalan, Peacocks, Mothercare, River Island – a big fat thumbs down. Monsoon and Boden have some nice ones, but a bit too pricey for me.

After two hours of trawling the net, I have narrowed it down to these 12. They are in stock in age 5-6, but are available in different ages (mostly younger). Most of the younger boy ranges go up to age 6 online, so you can get the cute designs in age 5-6 still. In Next there is a delivery time of 1-2 weeks, I’m guessing they have to order it in for that size or something. H&M is a weird one, as the sizes go age 4-6 and then age 6-8 – the smaller size will be a bit snug on Tyler, the other will be huge. So I’m not sure on that one.

I was looking to spend around the £10 mark, but a lot of these jumpers go above this price point, more towards £15 – £20. Clothing is getting expensive! Anyhoo, here are the colourful boys jumpers I have found:


1) H&M | Fine Knit Striped Jumper | £7.99
2) Next | Red Stripe Arm Crew Jumper | £12
3) Sainsbury’s | Grey Nee Naw Jumper | £13
4) John Lewis | Blue Whale Jumper | £18
5) Mango | Turquoise Flecked Cotton Blend Sweater | £15.99
6) Asda | Blue Crew Neck Jumper | £9
7) Next | Blue Vehicle Jumper | £16
8) La Redoute | Crew Neck Jumper | £9.50
9) Outfit Kids | Colourblock Knitted Jumper | £14
10) Kite Clothing | Tri-Stripe Jumper | £14.50
11) Tootsa MacGinty | Ontario Striped Cream Jumper | £22
12) Next | Ecru Vehicle Jumper | £16

Now to actually choose one to buy for Tyler. Which do you think I should get? Or have you seen any reasonably-priced colourful boys jumpers anywhere that you recommend?

Sabrina x


5 responses to “12 Colourful Boys Jumpers | SS18

  1. Lovely selection. I hate boys fashion as its so dark and boring. My son likes brights so shopping is a headache at the moment as he is 5 but fits 6 -7. I personally love the red jumper from Next and the stripe from Tootsa M. As for Nexts delivery lead times, its because stock will hit down at a later point but mostly it is to cover their logistics and sending it out to you. They are pretty good and items arrive before the 2 wk point. Happy buying. For bright boys clothes I’m heading for Boden, St Barts and HM. Little bird is now tooo small for us.


    • Thank you 🙂 It’s so true isn’t, boys shopping has become a headache – it used to be so much fun. Where have all the colours gone?! That’s so sad Little Bird is too small for your boy now – I love their stuff 😦 I haven’t heard of St Barts, I’ll check them out, thanks! x


      • Theo is squeezing in his last 7 to 8 in little bird. He is wearing the umbrella top and some of their jeans today and just asked if I could find the tee in a bigger size! It a character nightmare. I used to be a kidwears buyer for bhs and used to do loads of character stuff and now I hate it on my own kids 😣


      • Aw BHS – I miss them!! And lol, I hate character stuff too, so ugly – that’s must have been painful having to include it in your range!


  2. It was great that I came along this post. Great collection of boys jumpers! Thanks for the post and the hard work you did for finding the jumpers.The H&M Fine knit Striped jumper is one of my favorite.


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