Me and Mine | January 2018

So that is the first month of the new year over, and I am pleased to say that it has been a productive one. We don’t have a family photo this month as my husband has been busy at work so much (for which I am totally grateful). When he’s at home, he is shattered so I’m hardly going to be like, hey, let’s take a photo! So we took a quick photo of our hands this morning.


What we have loved this month:


I have loved feeling like I have achieved something. I set 18 goals for the year at the beginning of the month, rather than resolutions, and they really helped me feel motivated to do them. So this month I started to do more activities with the kids at the weekends – we saw Trolls, Sing and Early Man at the cinema (yes THREE cinema trips in one month!), and Tyler has started Street Dance classes. Blogging wise I set a goal of doing a Slough post every 2 weeks. I’ve found that I enjoy finding things to do and write about in the area and actually talking to people about it. Being more open that I’m blogging about Slough with the people I meet. So I’ve been writing a post EVERY Thursday. And I have uploaded a YouTube video every second Wednesday. I feel so much more organised by having a schedule. I’ve learnt about the manual mode on my camera and have even started to get more creative with my photos, brushing up on those Photoshop skills. That’s what I have been loving in January, as well as browsing the sales and picking up bargains here and there, watching Britain’s Next Top Model and Call the Midwife, drinking homemade chai lattes, and of course watching my kiddies learn new things.


The other half really had to think when I asked him what he has loved this month! He said seeing Sing with us was a highlight. On TV he’s started to watch Silent Witness and McMafia. Though he feels like he’s watched Boss Baby a million times this month. I think we have actually – movie of the month, eh?!



Tyler has loved being back at school, he has such a good group of friends to hang out with. He’s loved all the new activities we’ve been doing, such as the cinema trips, street dance, and art club after school. Going to Nana’s on Saturday instead of Friday. His new John Lewis vehicles duvet cover, and his new bus jumper. Having a new book to read every night, and doing Year 1 activity books and handwriting practice with his left-handed pencils – it’s helped him feel more confident at school and he’s even told me when he’s done well at maths and when he’s written more neatly, he looks so happy when he tells me. He loves having subtitles on TV so he can read the words. Movie of the month was Boss Baby, but he’s now got into Super Furry Animals, and he loves the new TV show Kiva Can Do. It’s nice having Asian cartoon characters and a Nany in a sari, makes us feel normal – well done Nick Junior!



Lily has loved Boss Baby this month, it’s become an obsession. Maybe she can relate to the baby. She wakes in the morning and the first thing she says is “Baby see” and this continues the whole day with her shoving the Sky remote in my face. She loves lying on the floor on her front to watch the TV, swinging her legs up behind her. She loves dancing to all music now, not just Trolls and she loves jumping. Jumping like crazy. She’s loved the new trampoline that the grandparents got her, and she loved jumping on the trampolines at Jump In. Literally a jumping bean. She LOVED seeing Trolls at the cinema, was absolutely mesmerised – the big screen must look massive to her! Food-wise, she loves toast and bread and milk and chocolate shreddies and biscuits and chocolates and licking the middle out of jammy dodgers – all these foods get a YAY YAY YAY out of her and manic jumping up and down. She loves ‘reading’ and bringing out all her books from her ‘library’, and going to the actual library. She’s started to go to Messy Play and has loved painting but is still a bit unsure about getting her hands dirty. She loves looking at the photos on the walls now, and especially pointing out Dada and Nana. She loves it when Dada comes home and runs to hims to give him a cuddle, shouting out DADA!!! And then she runs to Tyler and pulls him, shouting “Dada, cuckle!!”, ordering Tyler to cuddle him.

Woah, I realise I’ve written an essay there. There’s probably so much more, but that’s enough for now!

I am looking forward to February as that’s my birthday month – whoop whoop! We are going to the seaside for my birthday weekend, so another goal ticked. I’m looking forward to chilling with my little family by the sea (from the warmth of our holiday apartment!) and taking lots of photos.

How was your January? Was is a productive month for you, or are you just glad it’s over?!

Sabrina x


2 responses to “Me and Mine | January 2018

  1. Oh so sad just wrote the longest comment and it logged me in WordPress and was gone. Basically love the hands. We have same problem dad working lots hate asking for photos. I usually set up camera on the tv or counter and ask few days ok when you walk in Tuesday I need five mins then I just snap when he walks in and sits haha or selfies with iPhone are always good too. But lovely to document family life too here. #meandminw


    • Oh no, hate it when the comment disappears – sorry! Yes, everyday life photos are a good idea, I guess they don’t always have to be posed. Well, we’ve got one for Feb already as we had a little weekend away – phew!!


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