Me and Mine | February 2019

Our first Me and Mine post of 2019. Because we didn’t take a family photo in Janaury. And then this one was an accident anyway! My husband and I were doing silly Valentines Day photos for Instagram with the self-timer, when we heard this giggling. We moved apart and up popped these two heads! Those little nutters.


This was what the finished photo looked like, you might have seen it on Instagram. I’m actually laughing because I’m saying through clenched teeth, is it 10 seconds yet, I can’t hold this pose any longer!!


On to what we loved in February:


My birthday! I always love February because it is my birthday month, and as it is right at the beginning of the month, I feel like it’s a whole month of celebrating. It was also a big milestone, being my 40th, and I’ve spent the month feeling wiser! I loved celebrating with my husband and siblings in London on my actual birthday, as it fell on a Saturday, celebrating at Sushi Samba and Mr Foggs. And at the end of the month I celebrated with my best friends with afternoon tea at Fait Maison. This month I’ve somehow stumbled into the world of food blogging and we were invited to THREE new menu launches! I love it! I also loved having a chilled half term at my parents’, drinking homemade Starbucks using my brother’s Nespresso machine and doing a pink bathroom makeover with flowers like those cafes in London. Yep, I’m loving the faux flowers. And velvet. And those trendy vintage looking lightbulbs. On TV I’ve loved watching The Sewing Bee and Call the Midwife.

G has told me he’s enjoyed watching The Sinner and True Detective on TV. Netflix I think. He’s loved getting fed at these blogging events as my plus one! And going out on my birthday. Football as usual, and discovering grenade protein bars – tasty.

Tyler loved his ‘holiday’ at Nana’s house, he says “That was my most favourite part of February”. And it’s true, he cried so much when we had to leave. He’s loved playing Ticket to Ride and The Great Game of Britain board games, like REALLY loved them – we’ve all had to play with him like a million times. Also Mini Metro on the iPad – it’s a game where you design your own tube maps. And Mercedes cars – suddenly obsessed with spotting them whenever we are out walking. Eating healthy since that sugar leaflet they got at school, he’s been choosing fruit over junk food, and telling us off if we are eating too much chocolate!

Peppa and Trolls eggs YouTube videos. Going anywhere by car so she can listen to the Greatest Showman songs and sing out and loud in the car. The pushchair has hardly been used this month. Spending the afternoon at Bekonscot (and of course Tyler loved this too). The week at Nana’s and living in her pyjamas. Being Tyler’s shadow, and just having Tyler home for half term – she got very possessive of him. Also she has loved running into his classroom at school pick-up time so she can hold his hand and pull him out. Standing on those rocks at the playground by school. Splashing in puddles with her red wellies on (and shocking the Asian parents who can’t believe I LET her splash in puddles lol). Getting all the outdoor toys out at Nana’s house and playing in the driveway/garden (Tyler loved this too). Eating mummy’s weetabix. DOUGHNUTS!

I love writing these little memories down, as I know I will have forgotten by next month.

Hope you had a nice February. What did you love about the month?

Sabrina x



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