A Children’s Fashion Shoot | July 2020

On Friday we did a fashion shoot in my parents’ garden just for fun, with the music blasting and a mini changing tent. The kids chose toy accessories to go with each theme and had so much fun putting their ideas in for these photos. I hung all their new tops on hangers, hanging off the washing line. They pranced around, posing for photos before changing into their next outfit, like they were on a real fashion shoot. It was another “stay at home” activity we could tick off.


The clothes are all new ones that the children chose online recently. I usually buy new clothes for them around their birthdays as they are growing older and taller! They went for character clothing of course.

The retailers where we found they still had character clothing in stock were M&Co and H&M and both did free delivery. M&Co’s website says free delivery when you spend over £50, but my order was much less than that and it was still free delivery. And H&M gives free delivery on any order if you are a member. It’s free to become an H&M member. I also got some bottoms from George at Asda, which gives free delivery when you spend over £30.

Toy Story 4

It is amazing that a new generation have been captivated by the Toy Story characters. The Woody doll that Lily is playing with is actually her aunty’s from the 2000s. Lily’s top is long sleeved as she has a thing about her arms showing. It says ‘Toys Rule’ and features the alien, Bo Peep, Jessie, the bunnies and Forky. The fabric has little coloured dots all over it. She is wearing age 5-6 as that was what was in stock, so it’s a big baggy on her but it will last! Tyler’s T-shirt features Buzz Lightyear and says ‘Infinity and Beyond’. It’s a nice light fabric, great for the summer. He is wearing age 8-9 and I’d say that’s a good fit on him now.


Lily’s ‘Toys Rule’ Top | M&Co | £5 (Was £9)
Tyler’s Buzz Lightyear T-Shirt | H&M | £5.99

Peppa Pig

This may be Lily’s last Peppa outfit as she grows out of Peppa! Here she is wearing a long-sleeved Peppa top with tulle bits on the shoulders. There’s a rainbow on the front with a Peppa cloud – the sequins on the cloud change colour. The leggings are comfy and a good length, featuring a print of Suzy Sheep and Peppa Pig around the ankles. Both items are age 4-5 and fit well on Lily.


Peppa Pig Top | M&Co | £6
Peppa Pig Leggings | M&Co | £6


I can’t believe Minions have been in my life for 5 years now. Both kids are still big fans and these short-sleeved sequinned t-shirts were top of their request list. They are from the boys section in H&M, so I chose age 3-4 for Lily (so that it would be more fitted as boys t-shirts tend to be more baggy), and age 8-9 for Tyler. Lily is wearing her t-shirt over a long-sleeved top because that’s how she likes it. It has a really cute ‘Positive Vibes’ design and features the minion Bob. The sequins change from him having his eyes closed and smiling to having his eyes opens and gazing.


Minions Bob ‘Positive Vibes’ T-Shirt| H&M | £8.99
Tyler’s Narrow Hip Straight Leg Indestructible Jeans  | Vertbaudet | £18 (gifted)

Frozen 2

Our home is slowly being taken over by Frozen merch since we watched the new movie at the start of the year, so of course I had to find some Frozen clothes for Lily. This was a tricky task as in most places Frozen clothes are out-of-stock, or there are only baby sizes left. M&Co does have some in stock and I found this long-sleeved top with a frilly hem. I chose age 4-5, and it says ‘Anna & Elsa, Stronger Together’. It has a holographic print of Anna and Elsa, and depending on which angle you look at the top, you will see Anna or Elsa or a mix of both like in these photos.


Disney Frozen 2 Anna/Elsa Holographic Top | M&Co | £6 (was £12)
Denim Jersey Jeggings | George @ Asda | £5

From H&M Lily chose this Frozen t-shirt featuring Bruni – he’s the cute salamander in the new movie that can turn into flames. The sequins change him from purple to blue. The colour of the T-shirt is a lovely lilac, and Lily is wearing age 4-5. Again she has chosen to wear it over a long sleeved top because it is short-sleeved. But I’m sure she’ll grow out of this phase one day!


Disney Frozen 2 T-Shirt | H&M | £7.99

Those are the latest clothes I have bought for my children – I hope it helps if you are looking for character clothing. This post was written just for fun. I used to write kids fashion posts every week in my early blog days and I kind of miss it! But our shopping habits have changed. We try to reuse and make our clothes last as long as possible, hence why there aren’t too many fashion posts written these days. Children do need new clothes though, as they grow so fast – so I think I will write posts like this as and when.

Are your children into character clothing? If you have found any good ones, where did you get them from? Let me know in the comments.

Sabrina x


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