Pregnancy Update Weeks 6 to 9 | Baby No. 2

Here is my pregnancy update for Weeks 6 to 9. The essential things that got me through these weeks in the First Trimester were:

  • Heartburn Liquid (Gaviscon or I had Boots own-brand)
  • Pregnancy Vitamins (I used Superdrug own-brand Advanced)
  • Actimel (for night-time hunger)
  • Lemonade (helped with indigestion)
  • Always Dailies panty liners


And the foods and drinks I STOPPED having as I was so afraid of having a miscarriage were:

  • Caffeinated drinks (I started having decaf tea and coffee)
  • Green Tea
  • Pineapples and papayas
  • Diet coke (have moved to caffeine-free diet coke)
  • Tuna just once a week (but I just stopped having it)
  • My old multivitamins (only take the pregnancy ones now)
  • Sushi

Week 6

So on Sunday my husband told his mum on the phone who was over the moon of course. On Tuesday I met my friend who is due in 3 weeks, so heavily pregnant. She goes, when are you having your second? I was like, argh don’t ask me that!! So yes, she knows too. But it’s so nice to tell a friend and talk about it, the stress-relief was amazing. I know they say not to tell anyone before 12 weeks, but you have this fear of miscarriage, and to tell my friend my fears and say the word miscarriage out loud really helped. I’ve been feeling nauseous in the morning but not actually sick, and have really bad indigestion all day and ridiculous itchy boobs. Each night I wake at 1 or 2am really hot and worrying about random things. I’m so tired, I fall asleep at 9pm each night.

Week 7

I saw my GP on Monday morning to let her know I was pregnant. The first questions she asks is if I’m in a stable relationship and if we’re both happy about it. I was like, yes! She looked so relieved as said congratulations. What goes on in this town, eh? Must be a lot of unplanned pregnancies. Tyler had his preschool booster shot in the afternoon. The next day I got Boots own-brand Gaviscon, and my husband bought me lemonade to help me burp. It makes me feel sooooo much better! In the week I feel so tired, but I met up with a friend on Saturday and suddenly got my energy back. But my mood for blogging has gone, infact I just don’t want anything to do with my laptop.

Week 8

The indigestion is getting ridiculous, yet I’m starving all the time. I’m so tired in the evenings – I fall asleep around 9.30pm, but I’m still waking at 1 or 2am for at least an hour, all hot and panicking about things, anything. Like last night I was worried about my friend who’s due next week, what if her baby gets a cold like Tyler did on day 2 and she doesn’t have Baby Vicks or that Calpol Vapour plug! Then I worry about what school Tyler will go to and if he’ll get bullied. I also wake up starving and needing the loo, and have to have an Actimel. By the time I fall asleep again, it’s time to get up – grrr! I also feel really fat, I mean about my food belly, its awful!

Week 9

I’m so happy to have got to week 9. Week 9 is when we first saw Tyler at an unexpected scan. I thought I was miscarrying, and at the EPU the lady spun the screen around and there he was with a beating heartbeat, the size of a peanut, hence his nickname. So I have a gist of how baby no.2 is looking from memory. The indigestion is still there, I’m bloated and feel fat. I’m trying to eat smaller portions and eat more healthily, more fruit, but I’m starving all the time, especially in the middle of the night. The tiredness is still there too, and I’m finding it so hard to stay motivated and blog – all I want to do is sleep or watch crap tv. I still wake up worrying about random things, like about my friend who’s about to give birth, or if my husband will like his new job, or how Tyler will be at school next year, how am I going to do the schoolrun with a newborn! Gah!

I am feeling relieved to have got to this week, each week I have been holding my breath thinking I could miscarry, but knowing I am 3 weeks away from week 12, I feel more relaxed now and am thinking of a cool birth announcement now. So many bloggers are pregnant and have done really cool announcements, I’ve got to plan one too.

Week 2 – 5
Week 10 – 12 coming up tomorrow 🙂


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