Pregnancy Update Weeks 10 to 12 | Baby No. 2

Here’s my update for the last 3 weeks of the First Trimester:


Week 10

I had my booking appointment this week with the midwife at my GP surgery. I was a bit worried having to take Tyler with me, would he be good? I took some of his trains with me, and he was happy playing on the floor with them in the room, while my midwife Laura filled in all these questions on the computer, things like ethnic origin and religion (why??), where Tyler was born, yes and no questions to illnesses in the family, like TB, sickle cell, cns illnesses. It was a no to everything except for diabetes in the family.

I told her I was worried about labour, as my friend had just had a baby on Friday, and she was in labour for 3 days, and the baby still wouldn’t come so they ended up giving her a C-section! So awful, I so do not want to go through that. But my midwife said the second pregnancy is always much quicker than the first. I was like, oh, Tyler was really quick, I went in 3cm dilated, two hours later I was 8cm and he came! So she was like, it’s going to be quicker – do I want a home birth? I just thought of all the blood and my cream carpet – no, I think I’d prefer to be in the hospital and it’s just behind our apartment, thank god!

By now, Tyler had got bored, put the trains back in my bag and was pulling me going “Come on mummy, let’s go!” We distracted him with the blood pressure machine and then she took my blood pressure, which was normal. Tyler was quite fascinated. Then she took my bloods from my arm, with Tyler looking on. I was like “Stand back Tyler, please don’t jog her!”

I filled in a form to get exemption from prescription and dental fees, which she would send off. And she gave me my pregnancy notes folder, an Emma’s Diary book and a booklet about scans and tests. And she booked my scan for 3 weeks time when I’m in Week 13 – just before Christmas, I’m so excited! I would have had it the week before, but my hubby is abroad that week and I do want him to be there when we see our baby for the first time.

My work Christmas party was this week, and a few of my colleagues now know my secret – well I had to explain why I was leaving early and not partying hard like usual! But I haven’t told my line manager yet – I’m so nervous to tell her! I’ll have to tell her next week – eek.

Week 11

The indigestion has gone! It’s amazing, I can eat again and not feel so bloated. I’ve started to feel things, like if I get up too quickly, or sneeze, it feels like I’ve pulled a muscle right where the baby is. I googled it, and it say this is just the uterus stretching, nothing to worry about. Phew. I also think I felt the baby move, I know it’s early but I recognise the feeling, like bubbles, and no it wasn’t gas! I told my line manager on Friday, and she was really happy for me, so that was a relief. Now I can relax and talk about it openly at work – yes!

Week 12

Hoorah – one week to go, then I’ve reached the end of the first trimester! Most people would have a scan this week, but I’m having it next week as this week my husband is abroad in LA. Great timing! I feel I can’t reveal I’m pregnant on social media until I have seen the baby myself at the scan – just so I know I’m not imagining this baby, and of course I want to know my baby is okay, fingers crossed. I have felt the baby move a lot this week, it feels like gas but it is exactly where the baby is, I just know. I have had indigestion again and have been having very bad headaches. It’s a pain that I can only take paracetamol. My trousers are getting tighter that I cannot do the button up. So although there is no bump yet, it is definitely thicker around my lower waist. I have got all my maternity clothes out of storage and they are now washed and ready to wear again.

Week 2 to 5
Week 6 to 9
Week 13 coming up tomorrow 🙂

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16 responses to “Pregnancy Update Weeks 10 to 12 | Baby No. 2

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  6. So much fun to read others pregnancy updates when I’m pretty much the same number of weeks gone! I’ve also had the pulling pains when I get up too fast or sneeze etc. and I’m sure I had them much later with Archie! Wow, I’m totally hoping for a quicker labour this time, and I’m definitely more scared now I know what to expect! Thanks for linking up to #MarvMondays. Kaye xo


    • Those pulling pains are awful! I don’t remember so many aches from last time – maybe I’d blocked them out haha. Fingers crossed for a quicker labour this time! xx


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