What the Kids Wore | Next Flamingos & Minecraft

I have two lovely outfits from Next to share with you this week, courtesy of my parents who kindly gifted them to us. I took these photos in Windsor just before Lily’s first birthday in the last week of June, and what is so special is that she had just started walking 2 days earlier. And already she was trying to walk everywhere. I am so glad I captured these moments.

First up is Lily’s outfit, which I absolutely because… you’ve guessed it, it has FLAMINGOS!


Flamingo Dress: Next £16 – £17, 0-2 years | Headband: Claire’s Accessories | Leggings: Next £2.50 | Shoes: Sevva Emma Patent Shoes £14.99


The dress is cotton, and very light and comfortable for the hot weather. It opens at the back and has 4 buttons, so it is easy to slip over her head. I love the colour combination and cream and neon pink, and the bright neon bobble edging along the waist and armholes just give it that finishing touch.


Lily has worn this dress a lot in the past few weeks as I LOVE it on her, and it washes really well without fading. I do have to iron it, as the cotton creases easily, and the pink bobble edging catches on anything velcro in the wash, so that one thing to be careful of.


As for Tyler, he is wearing a white Minecraft T-Shirt, that my mum thought was Lego. Tyler hasn’t noticed, and even though he’s not into Minecraft yet, he loves this T-Shirt. The little characters are bright and eye-catching on the white background. It’s cotton fabric, so again light and comfortable for hot summer days.


Minecraft T-Shirt : Next, £11 – £16, 4 – 14 years | Jeans : Primark, £3.50 | Shoes: eBay (originally Next), 99p

What do you think, are you a flamingo or an Minecraft fan?

Sabrina x


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