5 Modest Bikinis and Burkinis for Mums

With the weather finally getting warmer, I’m sure you are looking forward to days at the seaside, trips to the swimming pool and if you’re lucky a beach holiday abroad. If like me, you’re dreaming of lounging around in a pool but don’t want to reveal too much of your body in a swimsuit, there are actually quite a few modest options. My friend has actually worn a burkini – that’s a head-to-toe swimsuit – and she finds it great that she can take her son swimming and still be modest. And at the other end of the scale, there are even bikinis that can cover a mum tum. Have a look at these that I found online:


I’ve found 5 types of swimwear and bikinis that cover you in different ways but you can still look cool and funky too.

High Necked

High necked is good if you don’t want your bust all hanging out and want a bit more support. There are plenty of halterneck swimsuits out there, but bikinis themselves are usually a bit skimpy. Simply Beach sell a jacket swim top that does have matching bikini bottoms. The one pictured is the Lingadore Swimwear ‘Escape Jacket’ which is £45.

Fold Over

I didn’t know these existed but it is a really good idea. They are bikini bottoms with a fold over bit – so you can choose to fold up to cover the tum, or fold down if you want to show that tum off. The one pictured is also from Simply Beach – they have loads of different colours and designs, but this one is the Pour Moi Barcelona foldover adjustable brief at £22, and it has a matching bikini top that is sold separately.

All Over Cover

The Burkini was designed for muslim women to be able to swim and keep their modesty, but of course you don’t have to be a muslim to wear one. It keeps every part of your body covered apart from your face, hands and feet. The top is long so it covers the bottom, and the headcover is like a swimming cap. There are loads online and they are usually around £50, but I found the one pictured above in Sports Direct for £29.99 – it’s a Slazenger 2 piece.


The tankini is a great option if you want to wear a bikini but don’t want to show your tummy at all. It is a top with separate bottoms. The one pictured above is a loose pleated one with no clinginess and it is a Lands’ End one from Debenhams that is £45.

High Waisted

Lastly there are high waisted bikini bottoms – an alternative to the fold over version, but of course you can’t fold the waist down on these. The one pictured above is great as it is also tummy control briefs – they are from Figleaves at £18.

As you can see, there are lots of options on bikini wear without haven’t to reveal parts of your body that make you feel uncomfortable. Being a mum myself, I wouldn’t want to show my tummy that has stretched so much since going through two pregnancies. Don’t get me wrong, there’s nothing bad about a wobbly tummy after pregnancy. I know every mum goes through the same thing and we should be proud of our tummies, but this is just my personal feeling about it. With these options, maybe I can take the kids to the swimming pool and not feel self- conscious.

Have you got a swimming outfit ready for summer this year?

Sabrina x

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