Cool Kids Clothing and Shoes from Vertbaudet

[AD – we were sent these clothes for the purpose of this post, and as always these are my honest opinions]

Okay, one of the things I got most excited about when I found out I was pregnant with Tyler was dressing him up. And then when Lily followed… all the outfit possibilities! Kids clothing is my weakness, I want it all. The only thing is that these children of mine now have minds of their own, and with that comes their own fashion sense. When Vertbaudet got in contact to collaborate on this fashion post, I let the children choose their outfits. We went through the website and had a good time picking out pieces to their taste. Tyler is interested in vehicle prints and bright shoes, whereas Lily has a strict criteria of dark blue and long sleeves. “Dark bwue, mummy, not wight bwue” she says, as well as stating she doesn’t like her arms showing, so no short sleeves. Well, if it makes her happy…

Vertbaudet Childrens Clothing Spring Summer 2020

I am actually really pleased with the outfits they have chosen, as are the kids. Not only do they look good and fit well, they are comfortable too. And as we will be spending a lot of time indoors with homeschool and lockdown at the moment, comfort is an important factor.

Vertbaudet Childrens Clothing Spring Summer 2020

Lily chose a dark blue hoodie with a glitter heart print. It also comes in light grey or pink. It is soft and fleecy on the inside, and she loves the kangaroo pockets for putting her little toys in. I know if we still had nursery, she would totally be excited to show her teacher her new hoodie and whichever toy she’d have in her pockets. Hopefully things might be back to normal before summer. A hoodie is a staple for the summer, when you don’t need a jacket but you need something light when it suddenly gets windy outside, you know how British weather is. I’m sure you will be seeing this hoodie in a lot of our future Instagram photos.

Vertbaudet Childrens Clothing Spring Summer 2020

Underneath the hoodie we have a long-sleeved t-shirt, dark blue of course, that says “Miss Perfect (ou presque)” that means “or almost” – it’s nice having a bit of French on there. Vertbaudet is a French brand if you haven’t guessed by now. The little princess crown print brings a pop of colour to the top.

Vertbaudet Childrens Clothing Spring Summer 2020

Tyler chose a grey long-sleeved t-shirt because it has a truck on it that has flaps you can lift up. All kids love interactive bits on their clothing. Under the flaps are little traveller items, like a map, binoculars and compass. The mustard yellow colour stands out on the grey, so it looks good, and not too childish for an older boy.

Vertbaudet Childrens Clothing Spring Summer 2020

As for the jeans, I am going to go as far to say these are the BEST childrens’ jeans we have found on the market. Vertbaudet have created jeans where there are three waist size options – narrow, medium and full. Tyler has a skinny waist, and normally I have to adjust his jeans with some extra elastic and sewing, but I don’t have to here. With these NARROW hip morphologiK jeans from Vertbaudet, I just have to adjust the elastic supplied in the waistband, and it’s a perfect, comfortable fit for Tyler. The style is really cool too, with the pleats in the knees and the stonewash colour. He loves it!

Vertbaudet Childrens Clothing Spring Summer 2020

My kids had this idea during the photoshoot that being frogs would be a good idea. I wasn’t so sure because of their weird facial expressions, but at least this shows you how flexible the jeans are – good for jumping and they didn’t fall down. The elasticated waistband works!

Vertbaudet Childrens Clothing Spring Summer 2020

Lily’s jeans are actually denim treggings – a combination of leggings and jeans. So they have the slim leg but the fabric is stretchy and flexible. The waistband has adjustable elastic inside. Lily finds them very comfortable. She is wearing dark blue here, but it also comes in grey or a lighter blue.

Vertbaudet Childrens Clothing Spring Summer 2020

This is how the jeans looks from the back, both have back pockets.

Vertbaudet Childrens Clothing Spring Summer 2020

I’ve saved the best for last… the shoes! Aren’t they just gorgeous?! Tyler went for bright red trainers with blue and white stripes. They are very comfortable, with a rubber sole and three straps. They don’t slip off and look quite hard-wearing, with the padded ankle and the rigid back stiffener. The leather at the front should last longer when it comes to scuffs in my opinion. The trainers also come in dark blue or white.

Vertbaudet Childrens Clothing Spring Summer 2020

Lily chose denim canvas shoes with pastel coloured polka dots. I just love the playfulness the polka dots bring to them, and Lily is happy because they are blue. Again they have padded ankles and rigid back stiffeners for comfort and foot support. They also come in a beige floral design.

My children both have wide feet, and these fit nicely on them. I can see the shoes will mould to the shape of their feet, the fabric is flexible. Very happy with them.

When buying from Vertbaudet, I always recommend buying one size up from your child’s normal size for both clothing and shoes, which I have done here. Their clothing is a bit more fitted so the bigger size will be a better fit. In these photos, Tyler is wearing age 9-10 (138cm) clothes and size 13.5 shoes (32). Lily is wearing age 3-4 (102cm) clothes and size 9 (27) shoes.

Vertbaudet Childrens Clothing Spring Summer 2020

If you’re looking for stylish and comfy clothing and shoes for your children, I can highly recommend shopping online at Vertbaudet. I have been shopping with them for years, their clothes last really well and don’t fade in the wash. Plus it’s nice to have something a bit different to dress your children in.

Sabrina x


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