Week 29-30 Pregnancy Update | Baby No. 2

In Week 29 I had to have an extra scan. Not because of Honey Nut. Because of Tyler! He was a little baby, which makes me have a history small babies, so they wanted to do extra checks on Honey Nut. The scan was on a Wednesday and we were seen to straight away. It was a quick scan and not much to see as baby was facing away from the screen – no pictures this time!


It turns out that she’s measuring 50% in the percentile chart thing and her legs are measuring 97%! So she’s of a normal size with long legs. I had to see a midwife after to check my pee – it had a bit of protein but nothing unusual there. Then we had to wait to see the doctor. She made us wait nearly an hour – so slow! My husband joked that we’re waiting so long – bet they’re just going to say you’re fine, you can go. Guess what, that is exactly what happened! I was put down as ‘low risk’ and official discharged from the hospital, to be looked after by my community midwife. Which is what I thought was happening anyway.

So even though we had a frustrating wait, it was good news and I’m so happy to be having a low risk pregnancy.

Honey Nut’s movements are uncomfortable now, it feels like a little rolling pin under my skin. I read that this is because there is less room to move as she gets bigger. I’ve been getting Braxton Hicks contractions which are pretty uncomfortable. It feels like my tummy turns into a hard dinosaur egg and it’s hard to breathe! It lasts a minute or two and I usually move from whatever position I was in, so sitting to walking or vice versa and have to breathe out through my mouth.

In Week 30 we had a last family holiday as a three and went to Butlins in Bognor Regis. It was so lovely to have proper family time. I didn’t bring my laptop as I didn’t want to do any blogging, just sharing photos on Facebook and Instagram through the week. It was hard being pregnant as I got tired walking about and had to sit down somewhere every 5 minutes. Luckily my husband could entertain Tyler whilst I was sitting. This was the reason we chose Butlins, as everything to do and all the places to eat are so close together, it was very handy.

My symptoms were the same as Week 29, uncomfortable movements from Honey Nut (but still nice to feel her!) and Braxton Hicks contractions. And I had terrible tummy cramps after having a Pot Noodle mid-week – I am NEVER having a Pot Noodle ever again!!!

According to the Babycentre app, Honey Nut was the size of a butternut squash in Week 29, and a ‘good-sized’ cabbage in Week 30.

I had shopping withdrawal symptoms from being away and not being able to shop in Choice, so as soon as we got back, I popped in and got this romper for £3. I love it! I also got some neon pink giant muslins and some cutie baby girl trainer socks from TK Maxx. Ahhh!


I’ve got my whooping cough jab next and a family baby shower in Week 31. I go on maternity leave at the end of Week 32 (yes!) And then my next midwife appointment is in Week 34. Time is flying!

Sabrina x

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19 responses to “Week 29-30 Pregnancy Update | Baby No. 2

  1. I never had braxton hicks! but i remember this time of my pregnancy so well, definitely don’t miss always having to pee in cups at every hospital trip haha! x


  2. Ahh super news on being low risk. I’ve just had my 34 week appointment and everything is going great. Well apart from the pressure ‘down below’, rather ready for baby to make an appearance 🙂


  3. Gosh, time’s going so quickly, it seems like I was only just reading your first pregnancy posts! How exciting that you’ll be on maternity leave soon. I’ve got another scan tomorrow, hoping that I get a good outcome too! Xx


    • The time really is flying, I can’t believe it! Just one more week left at work to go now 😀 I hope your scan went well, it’s always nice to see your baby! xx


    • We’re so used to calling her Honey Nut, we haven’t even got a real name yet and time is running out! Ahhh you must be having a July baby – exciting! xx


  4. So good that you’ve been discharged and are now low risk. I was discharged before going to Butlins, then while we were there the midwife from triage called me and said I have strep b which means I’m back to being consultant led! Damn! xx


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