Pregnancy Update Week 25 – 26 | Baby No. 2

Another 2 weeks have flied by, I can’t believe I’m nearly at the end of the second trimester already. For the past 2 weeks, Honey Nut’s kicks and punches have been incredibly strong, my arm moves if I rest it on my bump, and you can see my tummy move if you really look!


I said to my husband, “I don’t remember Tyler kicking like this!” but then I checked my old pregnancy diary and oh yeah, there it is written in Week 25, how he was kicking quite intensely now and towards my bladder – uncomfortable! So Honey Nut is pretty much like her brother.

I bought some Bio-Oil in Week 25 which I’ve been rubbing over the bump and my sides each day, as one night I saw some silvers of stretchmarks – nooooo. Luckily they have since disappeared, so I think I got there in time!

I’ve been feeling fine healthwise, not too tired, though I have needed a few daytime naps in Week 26. Thankfully Tyler is an angel and just plays with his toys while I have a little nap – you know those naps where you’re not in a deep sleep so I can still hear him. He’s such a sweetheart, I feel he’s being really caring about me.

We visited a friend last week who has a 3 month old boy, and since then I have noticed him asking more about Honey Nut. We look at my tummy waiting for Honey Nut to move, and if she doesn’t, he goes ‘Honey Nut is sleeping!’ And at playgroup he stood by a baby watching him, being really interested. So I think he now realises that Honey Nut is a baby – maybe seeing my friend’s baby helped him understand.

I’ve brought most of Tyler’s baby clothes out of storage and having been washing them and sorting into ones to keep for Honey Nut and ones to give to my friends. I love it, hanging the little clothes on the airer brought back memories! I’ve also been buying new clothes from the Next Sale and from Choice, as I love to get a bargain.

There’s really nothing much else to update you on, apart from the bump seeming massive now. According to the Babycentre app, at Week 26 Honey Nut is the size of a red cabbage and can hear now. Maybe that’s why she moves so much. She’ll probably love Tyler so much, as his voice must be the one she hears the most – all that babbling about trains and vehicles!

Tomorrow I’ll be 27 weeks and in the last week of the second trimester – exciting πŸ˜€

Sabrina x

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25 responses to “Pregnancy Update Week 25 – 26 | Baby No. 2

  1. That little romper is just so adorable! I always think this part of pregnancy is the best if you know what I mean. You’re past the extreme tiredness and sickness (or I was) and you feel a bit like you’re blooming! H x


  2. I love that romper, so cute. I remember it was at this stage I was starting to feel a bit more me, less tired and actually felt like doing stuff for a while until the third trimester fully kicked in.x


  3. Aw what a lovely update and I love that you call baby #2 Honey Nut, that’s so sweet. Tyler sound likes a dream, it’s great that he’s so interested with the baby in your tum tum! X


    • Aw that was Tyler, we were calling her Cashew Nut and Tyler thought we said Honey Nut. And it stuck! He’s definitely more interested since last week which is good πŸ™‚ xx

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  4. This is my favourite stage of being pregnant as for me I wasn’t sick anymore and wasn’t too big to move. I loved getting all Noah’s old clothes out to wash and sort, but like you I love a Next sale bargain or two!xx


    • Hehe, I love that Choice store, I’m addicted to shopping there! Just today the kicks are so strong, in my ribs – I can’t imagine what they’re like at 33 weeks! Xx


  5. Oh this is gorgeous. I love reading pregnancy updates. I am 24 weeks tomorrow and I have been feeling some really strong kicks from Little Mister H. It is so lovely and reassuring. You look gorgeous. And it is lovely to hear how excited Tyler is getting about Honey Nut’s arrival. He is going to be an amazing big brother. Hugs Lucy xxxx


  6. This is lovely. Best stage of pregnancy IMO, I was over the severe morning sickness but not too huge to function. Lovely little romper too !! x


  7. I love the stuff you have bought and love that your are only a couple of weeks ahead of me. How exciting. I have never used bio oil, usually just body butters and then olive oil… either way by the end my belly has red tiger stripes 😦 x


    • Oh cool a bump buddy! Have you got the shopping bug too? I like body butter too, the body shop ones, but I just love the smell of bio-oil! Xx


  8. Aww such a lovely bump update, it sounds like youre both doing really well. The movements of these little ones now are so much more noticeable πŸ™‚ So excited about going into the third trimester this week, long to go now! Thanks for linking up to #MarvMondays. Emily


    • Thank you. It is amazing feeling all this movement – there really is a baby in there. Being in the third trimester makes it real, now getting ready for labour – eek! Xx


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